Bible Felt and The Dig

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Many people believe that Bible felt is a thing from the “old days” and it’s not as effective or useful today.

I  beg to differ. We bought the Betty Lukens Bible felt set last year and my children absolutely love it. It really paints a lovely picture of the stories we read through the Bible. It helps children visualize the story in a tangible way. It has been one of the most effective tools we have ever used.

After I read a story, I will allow my children to use the felt to retell the story to the rest of us. Then, they spend time reenacting the story on their own free time or creating a new story with the felt we used that day. Because the felt is “Bible felt” they often create stories based on what they’ve read in other parts of the Bible.

It is a very rewarding experience!

So, in this case, we are using it to help guide our lessons through the Dig for Kids. Here we are illustrating the story of the man who could not walk and whose friends lowered him down through the roof of the house to get to Jesus.

This is an investment that I believe paid for itself 100 times over. I cannot stress enough just how wonderful this tool has been for our family. Having the Dig guide us through Luke and having the felt illustrate the stories makes our Bible time simple and extremely enjoyable.

It also helps me children “catch” the concepts and learn to apply them to their own lives.

What other helpful tools do you use to capture the Bible for your children?

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