Cyndie’s Experience With The Dig

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Today’s guest is Cyndie and she shares the love her children have for The Dig for kids.

Hi, my name is Cyndie. I am a wife to Gary and stay at home mommy to 4 very special children, Grace 7, Emily 4, Gabriella 2 and Trei 16 weeks. We are a very modest family with only one car and very few electronics. I did receive a Kindle Fire this year as a gift for long nights with the baby. I have found it to be a true blessing to share with my family and to teach my children. One of those ways was with “The Dig“. And this is our adventure is going…

We have never done any type of structured learning. We have always made everyday events a opportunity to learn. When I found The Dig I knew I wanted to do it. Then the group study came out and I knew that would help discipline me for a structured learning. I jumped right in with both feet.
I had read all the tips for different ages since I did have very young ones. I decided what I wanted to do was an outdoor camp.
I wait til around 6 in the evening, oldest is home from school, homework done. We all eat a good dinner and head outside to our blanket. We sit in a circle, open in prayer and tell something about our day.

My oldest reads from her Bible while I read from the Kindle. My oldest loves to teach and she doesn’t miss a beat. We discuss together in front of the smaller ones, then the oldest discusses with her siblings on their level. The younger ones do get side tracked and we pause for a moment for them to reconnect with the study. I try to have something to minimize the distractions, like a snack or a small run break.
I have to admit I was worried about the first lessons when we spoke of Mary. We use The Word Bible for girls. In its text, it spoke of sexual intercourse. My daughter asked what it meant and with simplest meaning, I explained. She said OK and went on with the lesson.
We even took our lesson on the road. Thanks to being so easy to do, we can take as little or as much time as we want.

Our trip was 5+ hours long so we read a little, talked a little then applied how the same circumstances and traditions still exist in today’s world.

We get in a circle sharing what we are thankful for each day and we close in prayer.
My kids are so thrilled with the activities and exploring their minds. They can’t wait each day for a new lesson.
You can find Cyndie on her blog, Because Mama Said So.
By Cyndie
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