Do Not Hinder the Children

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Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew19:14

Do we ever consider the ways we might be hindering our children from coming to Jesus?

Because children are young and immature, they need to be lead to the things that are good for them. Often times, they won’t go on their own. Often, we don’t willingly go to what is good for us, either!

When we fail to lead them, we are hindering them. We do not make it a priority to bring our children to a place where they can meet with Jesus, pray to Him, and learn more about Him through His word.

When we don’t live our own lives according to the righteous life God desires for us, our own lives hinder our children. When we create legalistic homes, where works save us, we hinder our children.

In what ways can we lead our children to Jesus?

Love Jesus. Our relationship with Christ is probably the one thing that speaks the loudest. It’s from this that everything else flows. When we seek Christ, we want what He wants. He wants our children living for Him, so we will be intentional about making this a priority. Does that mean we aren’t seeking Christ if we aren’t intentionally leading our children? I’d say probably not enough. Seek Him above all else.

Love our children. When we love our children in ways Jesus loves, we will act; because love is an action. Don’t wait for the perfect feeling to come along because you will be waiting a long time. Lead your children in the Word everyday because you love them and want them to grow in Christ. This is a place where perfection must be let go. There is no place for that here. Perfection is a hindrance.

Give them grace. As we need grace to cover our shortcomings, so our children need grace from us when they mess up. And they will mess up. When they see our grace toward them (because of the grace we receive from Jesus), they will come to understand Jesus’ love for them.

I think it’s important for us to honestly look at the ways we could be hindering our children from coming to Christ. Not only from a salvation standpoint, but a day to day relationship that builds over time. You don’t need to have all the answers before you guide your children. You can learn right along with them and watch as you see the Holy Spirit reveal new things to you.

As a parent, we learn some valuable lessons from raising children! Leading our children daily is quite a lesson for us in many ways. Let’s embrace this time, even if it doesn’t look perfect.

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