Helping Dads Raise Boys to Be Godly Men! {The Warrior Weekend}

Sadly, many boys are not being taught what it means to be a man in God’s eyes. I’m not talking about a guy who can fight off Grizzly bears with his bare hands, throw the football the farthest, lift the most weight, have the biggest house, or drive the fastest car. I am talking about boys growing up and understanding that God has created them to love Him and love the world like Jesus.

The Warrior Weekend is a resource to help dads raise boys to be Godly men. Written as a devotional, it is full of biblical wisdom specific to boys, applicable stories of brave men, and adventurous activity ideas or a weekend away. The Warrior Weekend is a great resource for helping dads and sons explore God’s Word and God’s world together.

The Warrior Weekend (Helping Dads Raise Boys to Be Godly Men)

I wrote The Warrior Weekend because I want our sons to grow up clearly understanding that God has wired them different than girls – a lot different! This is not by accident, but by design. God has created boys to grow up and be Godly men for His purposes and plans for the world.

During The Warrior Weekend, there will be three lessons you will explore and complete together.

Each lesson consists of the following components:

Warrior Account: Each lesson will have a real life account of a warrior’s story in history. These are different men who have done extraordinary things. These accounts are meant to illustrate a biblical principle or truth outlined in that particular lesson.

Warrior Activity: Each lesson will have an activity that you and your son will complete together. These activities are meant to be adventurous and fun. They are also meant to illustrate the main theme of each lesson.

Warrior Application: After reading the warrior account and completing the warrior activity, you and your son will sit down together and discuss the application. This will be a chance to discuss what God’s Word says about how boys are created for God’s purposes.

My prayer is that this resource and weekend will be instrumental in helping your son(s) continue learning what it means to grow up and be Godly men! The Warrior Weekend is a great resource for you and your son(s) or it can be used in a group. Feel free to invite more dads and their sons!

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  • Amy W.

    My husband has been looking for a book like this to use with our son. There just isn’t a whole lot of material out there to help teach our sons to be Godly men.

  • We have 3 boys, and my husbands father, while a wonderful man, was not a godly role model. My husband and I are both winging it here, and we could use any extra help we could get!!

  • melissa

    what ages is this book best for?

  • Shannon C

    I would love this for my husband and boys. We don’t always know where to start or exactly what/how to teach it. This would be a great tool.

  • Angie

    My husband is always saying he wishes he had a “guide”. This looks great! Thanks!

  • Kristen

    Looks like an awesome resource. Thanks for the chance!

  • Stina

    I have been doing a book discussion of another book and one of the chapters is on rites of passage for boys… this would be so helpful along the way for my husband (and help me to back off!)

  • Oh what a great resource! We can’t wait to check it out!

  • Julie Winslow

    My boys are a big young for this yet, but this would be a great resource to have for when they are a bit older! Will definitely recommend it for my older nephews.

  • ~Amanda

    I’m so excited about this resource. We have two men-in-training. Thanks!

  • Lynn

    This sounds like a great resource.

  • Karleen Mauldin

    Would love to win this to use with my 3 sons!

  • Crystal Valentino

    I am looking forward to breaking that ugly cycle of spiritual mediocrity with our 2 yr. old that our parents were unable to model for us properly. He may be too young to understand some of it, but you can never start too early & the guide will help “Daddy” know where to start & give him the confidence he needs to “Lead” as a Dad & us all as a family! Thank You for heeding HIS call & sharing your gift with us all. Now, to find a great resource for our 4 yr. daughter?! 🙂

  • lesliefair

    I have 3 sons and we work hard to teaching them responsibility, manners, how to treat young ladies, etc. I truly enjoy all resources to help us in this quest in growing Godly men!

  • Lis

    I am trying to win this for my husband. I think it would be great for him to do this with our son.

  • Luke B.

    I do a lot with my 2 sons but this sounds like a great book that will challenge what I say to them when we are out doing stuff together! Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Alexandra Howard

    We have three boys and it would be such a blessing to be able to use this to grow them into Godly men!!

  • KristenW

    We just welcomed our little girl a few weeks ago and I think this resource would be great for our son who is a new big brother to get some good daddy time in.

  • Amy Mitchell Fischbach

    This would be great for my husband and son to do together as he enters middle school this year!

  • Marie

    Oh I will LOVE to give this to my husband and two boys

  • Melanie Lisitsin

    I would love to get this for my hubby. We have three boys and I know it would enrich their relationship!