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Today’s guest is Trisha Goddard.


Do you ever wonder if all the time and investment in your children is worth it? In this world that we live in, so much information dedicated for/towards children, is shared through Pinterest, You Tube, and Blogs. I’m talking about some really awesome articles, resources, crafts, books, toys, events, and so much more – all for your children!  Sometimes, I admit, it gets overwhelming, but I’ve discovered that the most important time and investment that can be given to children is YOURSELF! Take a second and think about what you are doing right now, day after day – because your children are watching you and will do the very same. Scary thought, isn’t it?

Mike (my husband) and I desire that our children be humble and live in the fear of the Lord, as Proverbs 22:4 says “Humility and the fear of the LORD bring wealth and honor and life.” We want our children  to have a Biblical Worldview, and that my friends is where The Dig comes in! We want our children to have confidence in the authority of the Word of God, the Story of God’s interaction with humanity; our origins; the reality and consequence of sin;  God’s solution for sin; the end of the ages, and future events.

When our children were younger, we began the nightly routine of reading to them The Picture Bible, always starting at the beginning and going through to the end. When the newer version came out called The Action Bible, we dug into that one!


We are always searching for effective ways to train our children in Truth and that’s how we came across The Dig for Kids! It has been an excellent tool to help us dig deeper; to build that firm foundation and Biblical worldview, so that our children can learn hands-on how exciting God’s Word is and how it applies to their every-day lives.


Encourage participation…

Even if they are interrupting you are in the middle of the lesson!


During the first lesson of The Dig, my 6 year old son said, “Oh, like Peter.” At first, I wondered, “What does this have to do with this section?” But I gave him time to explain and was able to follow his thinking and immediately applied his idea to the current Bible study lesson.  We want them to think and apply God’s Word, not just hear it!


Encourage your children to study God’s Word on their own..

Even when your child may sit and read their Picture Bible during your church’s Sunday praise and worship service! Mine do!

At first, I struggled with this, but came to the realization, that it’s not about what others think that matters, but that my kids are reading their Bibles and learning about their Savior! Now, as I see them, I get excited! My kids are digging into God’s Word themselves, asking more questions, and have a love and appreciation for God’s Word!!!


For The Dig study, my 2 older children grab their NIV The Adventure Bible by Zonderkids and my youngest grabs The Action Bible to see pictures of the lesson. Together, we sit on the couch for our Bible study, and almost always afterwards, one of them will sit and continue reading the Bible! Awesome!


Encourage questions…

Even when mom finds herself outside of her comfort zone and stumped or even shocked! J


During the second lesson of The Dig, one of my children asked “What is a virgin?” This mom was admittedly a little in shock. I shouldn’t have been, but I believe that I had forgotten that my children are getting older and catching more details! Right then, I used it as a teaching opportunity to share in simple terms what a virgin is. After they said, “Ok, now we know. Let’s keep reading more!”


Encourage memorization…

Even if you aren’t that great of a memorizer, you need to do it too!


The first week of The Dig, I used an example that just about brought my 8 year old daughter to tears. I told them to go sit on the couch with their Bibles. Then, I went over and grabbed their Bibles from their hands. My daughter’s eyes got huge and was building up to cry. I then sat across from them and said, “What would you do if you didn’t have a Bible?” They said, “Sing songs, remember Bible verses, and talk to God”. All great answers, and then, I emphasized the importance of memorizing Bible verses, because no one can ever take from us what we memorize!  It was an effective way to teach the importance of Bible memorization, and then, we continued The Dig.

Encourage prayer…

So that they will know the depth of HIS love for them!
During The Dig, we usually take time to pray for the rest of the day’s activities. In the evening, I’ve begun having them share praise and prayer requests. I want them to know that no matter where they are and no matter what time it is, He loves them and will always be there to listen!

{{Ideas for Teaching:

1.       Read the Bible passage, and if your children volunteer to read sections or portions, let them, even those who are just learning to read.

2.        Make up a small note card with the memory verses and stick it where the whole family can see it.

3.       Take a piece of chalk and write the Bible memory verse on your driveway, ceramic tile, or the wall outside!

4.       Use window markers and write key words from your Bible study on your windows.

5.       Let your children hear YOU practicing the Bible verse and if your children are old enough,  make sure you are saying it correctly.

6.       Be careful! If your child isn’t interacting with questions, don’t force them. They may be going through something that happened earlier in the day, or the question might not be clear (even when dad/mom may think it is).


BIO: I am Trisha Goddard. I serve God with my husband, Mike in Paraguay, South America. We have 3  children: Michael, Lea, and Kaleb. As a couple, there are three important areas that we want  to invest our lives: our daily relationship with God, our family, and serving the Lord in ministry!

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