Parenting Your Children For Eternity

I have no idea whether my sons will grow up to be pastors, doctors, teachers, athletes, musicians, politicians or laborers.  But the one thing I do know with certainty as a Christian parent is that my children will stand before God some day.  With appropriate reverence, I understand that they will either stand before their Father in Heaven having believed in Jesus or not.  Eternity awaits every single one of our children – that I know.

Join me today at as I share ways that you can parent your children for eternity.

About Patrick Schwenk

Patrick Schwenk is the creator and author of The Dig for Kids .  He is a father, husband, and pastor. Patrick and his wife Ruth, creator of The Better Mom, met while attending the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL. They have been married for fourteen years and currently have four children ages three to ten. They love serving in ministry, spending time together as a family, reading, drinking lots of coffee, and resting in God’s grace.