When You Miss a Day {Or a Week}

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What do you do when you miss a day (or a week) of Bible reading?

It’s so tempting to just want to give up and throw in the towel because we will never form the habit or stick with it.

This is not true. Missing a day or a week does not mean you should give up. Just pick it back up and keep going. That’s what makes a habit consistent. No matter how many times you get knocked off, you keep getting up and keep pressing on. Persevere.

Falling off the wagon is part of the entire process. It should be expected to happen. We cannot predict life. We cannot predict that our child will wake up sick and need more personal attention from us.

We cannot predict an emergency that throws our schedule off. The key is to pick it back up again.

Interruptions in the schedule will happen over and over again. Do not let that discourage you. Let that little truth empower you. You cannot control all things. But you can control beginning again each and every time.

Labor Day weekend through off our entire homeschool schedule and we needed to take that week off so I could plan and regroup.

Do not be robbed of this precious time with your children. It will be a time you must fight for.

Even when something unusual in our schedule does not happen, it can be really easy to simply let days go without digging into the Word. Don’t let that happen. As long as it’s in your power to do, you continue to be intentional about this time and not let it be robbed of you or your children.

What obstacles have you faced thus far while reading the Bible and going through The Dig with your children?

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  • You have spoken my heart today! I have been thinking of writing a post similar to this myself. We have just finished week 2 and I have to say that they have been difficult. As soon as we started digging into the Word together as a family, it seems like something is trying to thwart us at every turn! What I must remind myself each time it happens is that we have an enemy – but it is not each other!

    Grace, grace, grace.

  • Nicole

    I desperately want my home to be Christ-centered and Bible saturated. But sometimes we miss our Bible time & we missed a day last week! So, we just picked up where we left off! Yeah! I am learning (slowly) not to condemn myself and quit, but to press on! I want to quickly recover when life throws a wrench. I have fallen into some real ruts about getting into God’s word because I thought things needed to be just right. Well, those days rarely come around here! My prayer is that I will be diligent and disciplined enough to stay in God’ Word with my kids, in every season of life!

    • And Nicole, when you’re not–God is. πŸ™‚ Rely on His strength each step of the way!! Remember, it’s not perfection, is progression. πŸ™‚