The 10 Biggest Water Parks In The World

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If you’re looking to make a splash at the biggest water parks in the world, here they are in all their fun and glory.

The 10 biggest water parks in the world are located in China, the UAE, Australia, Spain, Germany, Malaysia, the USA, and the Bahamas. The world’s largest water park is currently the Chimelong Water Park in China which is set amongst 182 hectares. 

Whether you’re looking for the fastest, the longest, or the strangest, the world’s biggest water parks cover all bases and provide thrill-seekers young and old with plenty of options to splash their way through the record books. All the parks are enormous in size and offer plenty of land-based attractions too! Let’s travel all over the globe and discover the 10 biggest water parks in the world. 

1. Chimelong Water Park, Guangzhou, China 

Chimelong Water Park is located in Guangzhou Chimelong Tourist Resort and is the world’s most-visited water park with over 2 million visitors annually. The park’s enormous landscaped gardens sprawl over 182 hectares and it’s connected via a bridge to the amusement park Chimelong Paradise. 

Besides impressive attendance records, the water park also boasts a number of firsts for China. The park hosts China’s largest Family Python, the 200 meter-long Slidewheel, and double MEGAtube attractions. 

There are plenty of family-friendly themed attractions to keep the entire family happy, from the 300 interactive water toys, and many pools located around the site to plenty of restaurants and live entertainment when you’re looking to take time away from the pool or just refuel. 

2. Aquaventure Atlantis, Dubai, the UAE

Located nearby to the famous The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, Aquaventure Atlantis is home to some of the largest and fastest water slides in the world. The water park is set over 22 hectares and offers 105 record-breaking slides, attractions and experiences. 

There’s a private beach, a wave riding pool, rivers, an aquarium, and plenty of restaurants and places to escape the searing Dubai heat. Many of the slides and rides at the water park are world record holders. The Aquaconda is the world’s largest tube-waterslide and is over 9 meters wide and has walls over 27 meters tall where riders will reach speeds up to 35 km an hour! 

For the ultimate adrenaline rush, head straight to the Leap of Faith, where you’ll plunge from 9 stories high through a glass tunneled aquarium that’s filled with sharks and other sea creatures. World record chasers should head to the Odyssey of Terror which holds the title of the world’s tallest waterslide. 

While many of the rides are geared towards adults and have height or age restrictions, there are plenty of family-friendly slides and pools where kids of all ages can safely join in. For a family-friendly break from the water slides, head to Dubai’s largest aquarium which is home to 65,000 marine animals. 

Aquaventure Atlantis also offers plenty of group ride slides suitable for the whole family, such as the Shockwave, which offers a record-breaking 449 meters of slides that weave through dark tunnels, bends and several drops that will keep everyone squealing with excitement.

3. Wet n’ Wild Water Park, Australia

Wet n’ Wild is a water park on the Gold Coast, located in Queensland, Australia and boasts a number of thrilling water slides and amusements. The park receives around a million visitors annually ranking it as the 8th most attended water park in the world and boasts the title of Australia’s largest water park. 

The water park is located around an hour’s drive from Brisbane city and is set amongst native Australian bushland and is conveniently located near other popular theme park attractions such as SeaWorld and Warner Bros. Movie World. 

With 23 attractions, Wet n’ Wild water park boasts Australia’s Tallest Water Park Slide Tower, a 3 million liter wave pool, the Calypso Beach Lazy River ride, as well as plenty of relaxing pools, and group slides for the entire family to enjoy. There’s also lots of snack food shops and BBQ’s available on-site allowing guests to picnic on the grounds. 

Anyone looking to test their surfing skills can try out the FlowRider, a man-made endless wave. For a (slightly) more dry approach to surfing, the Surfrider has you covered while providing maximum thrills on a giant rotating surfboard that glides through water sprayers dropping over 30 meters.

4. Siam Park, Tenerife, Spain 

Siam Park is located on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain and consistently receives over 1 million visitors a year from all over the world. The water park is set amongst over 18 hectares of lush gardens and includes a host of attractions divided into three sections: Relax, Family, and Adrenalin. 

One of the largest attractions is the Mai Thai River where you can ride the river in inflatable tubes around lush landscaped gardens and past Thai themed buildings and bridges. For groups looking to step it up a notch, the Mekong Rapids is a kilometer long family raft ride where groups of up to 4 people ride through a series of slides and tunnels.

The park also has a wave pool, chillout areas, and plenty of family-friendly swimming areas for cooling off. 

The fastest rides in the park are the Singha and the Tower of Power. The Singha is a pro water coaster ride that sends riders twirling at speeds of up to 18 meters a second through multiple flying saucer-themed features. At the Tower of Power, riders fly through a vertical, transparent pro slide freefall past an aquatic area filled with sharks, stingrays and other fish.

For people who aren’t so keen on getting their feet wet, the Mercado Flotante is the place to be. The market area is connected by a wide sprawling boardwalk that allows visitors to meander through a collection of Thai styled buildings that house souvenir shops, changing areas, chillout areas, bars, and eateries. 

5. Galaxy Water Slide World, Therme Erding, Germany 

Therme Erding is home to Galaxy Water Slide World which is located around an hour’s train or car journey to the northeast of Munich, Germany. It is the largest waterpark and resort spa in the country, spanning over 19 hectares of indoor and outdoor pools, waterpark, saunas and steam baths. 

Amongst lush gardens, there’s also an indoor wave pool which is heated to 93.2°F / 34°C for year-round use. The wave pool produces waves up to 2 meters high and is surrounded by over 300 palm trees. 

In total, there are 27 slides spanning a total of 2.7 kilometers, including one virtual reality slide called Space Glider, where you are given VR glasses to experience the 160-meter long ride with 360° panoramic vision. Another unique water attraction is Magic Eye, which at 365 meters long is the world’s longest tube slide ride. 

The water park also boasts the Vitality Oasis area which is home to the world’s largest thermal spa and saunas where adults can relax and take in the landscaped gardens. 

6. Noah’s Ark Waterpark, Wisconsin, USA 

Established in 1985, Noah’s Ark Waterpark is located in the heart of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, and is America’s largest waterpark spanning over 70 acres (28 hectares). The park offers over 50 impressive attractions including water slides, swimming pools, rafting and tubing rivers, as well as plenty of landscaped chillout areas and food establishments to keep the entire family happy. 

There’s a range of intensity levels for many of the attractions for the entire family coded from mild, moderate, to intense. Thrill-seekers should head straight to the Black Anaconda water coaster, which is dubbed America’s “most thrilling water coaster” with riders reaching speeds of up to 30 miles per hour! 

More relaxed rides include the Flying Gecko, a 4-person raft ride, and the Endless River, where you can tube at leisure through the park. 

7. Sunway Lagoon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Located just a short metro ride or Skyrail trip from central Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Lagoon is a waterpark and theme park divided into 6 adventure zones over 36 hectares. The zones include the water park, an amusement park, wildlife park, extreme park, scream park, and the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon. 

The complex hosts 90 attractions including Surf Beach (the world’s largest surf pool), the family-friendly Little Zimbabwe interactive water playground, and the famous Waterplexx 5D, an immersive multi-sensory cinema experience with wind, fog, mist, sprays, fountains, water jets, lights ; lasers, 3D visuals and sound.

Thrill-seekers should head straight to the world’s largest vortex ride, the Vuvuzela, which launches riders from an 11 story high tower and sends them plummeting through candy-coloured sides and dark tunnels until they reach the bottom.

8. Aquaventure Atlantis, the Bahamas 

Aquaventure Atlantis is located in the Bahamas and is the largest waterpark in the Caribbean. It’s an enormous sprawling venue set over 57 hectares and offers everything from white sand beaches, several themed pools, private cabanas, water slides, river rides, attractions, to a great choice of restaurants. 

The entire waterpark is generally more focused on adults and teenagers, and many of the rides have height or age restrictions and are not suitable for smaller children. For those looking for the ultimate thrill, The Abyss is a 200-foot long body slide that plunges riders 50 feet into an azure lagoon below. 

The Serpent Slide is also another popular attraction sending riders through a tube that winds through a darkened Mayan temple core before emerging into a clear tunnel surrounded by an aquarium filled with sharks. 

9. Water Country, Virginia, USA

Established in 1984, Water Country USA is located in Williamsburg and is Virginia’s largest water park and offers 17 water slides and attractions with a distinctive 1950s or 1960s surf theme. 

There are mostly attractions for adults but there’s also plenty on offer for smaller children too. There’s the Cow-A-Bunga attraction for small children which has a heated pool, as well as the H2O-UFO, a series of slides and fountains designated for kids. 

Larger attractions include the Rock’n’Roll Island, an 11,000 square foot activity pool that’s connected to the Rambling River. The water park is also home to the largest wave pool in the state, a 23,000 square foot pool that can generate waves up to 4 feet high. 

Speed demons looking to test their might should venture straight to Vanish Point, a 75-foot-tall quadruple-speed slide where riders plunge down 300-foot-long speed slides or slide through one of two enclosed helixes that launch riders into the slide via a secret trapdoor. 

If that’s not enough, then the Jet Scream offers riders a chance to experience speeds up to 25 miles per hour along the 400-foot long slide. 

10. Kalahari Water Park at Kalahari Resort, USA 

At 173,000 square feet, Kalahari Water Park is the largest indoor water park in North America. The African themed resort offers over 30 different attractions for all ages with fun names such as the Cheetah Race, Sahara Sidewinder, the Mud Hut Swim-Up, Leopard’s Lair, and the Rippling Rhino. 

Besides the slides and water amusements, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor pools to cool off in, and for a more chilled approach, take a ride on the Lazy River where you’ll meander along the 920-foot stretch while taking a break from the water slide action. 

Adult’s looking to make a splash can try the curvy Sahara Sidewinder or the Storm Chaser and then cool off at the Mud Hut Swim-Up Bar, where you can lounge and enjoy Kalahari signature cocktails in the pool. 


The biggest water parks in the world offer plenty of thrills for the adventurous or young at heart. Whether you’re looking to take on the world’s longest water slide or drop from the highest water slide platform at speeds over 40 miles an hour, there are plenty of adrenalin chasing rides on offer from the water parks on our list. 

If you’re looking for a more relaxed ride, then the numerous Lazy River tubing attractions are featured in nearly all of the world’s biggest water parks and allow a gentle meandering through luscious landscaped gardens and azure pools. No matter where you go, the biggest water parks in the world offer plenty of variety and attractions for the whole family. 

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If you’re looking to make a splash at the biggest water parks in the world, here they are in all their fun and glory.