Top 6 Fastest Rides at Disneyland Paris

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The ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ is another tagline for one of the most intense places on Earth. Disneyland– Disneyland Paris in particular is responsible for hosting some of the world’s speediest, most scream-worthy roller coasters. Curious about where to head first? Here are the top 6 fastest rides at Disneyland Paris. Enjoy!

6. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril – 36 mph

If you’ve ever wanted to stand in the shoes of Indiana Jones himself, explore a hidden temple, and have a supernatural force violently pull your precarious mine cart, the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril ride should be your next stop!

It’s the temple aspect that really wraps it all together. It’s a journey, one that’s messy and bumpy– but in a good way, that takes you through a dizzying amount of twists and turns, dips you into total darkness, and all the while, going by a speed of 36 mph.

5. Crush’s Coaster – 38 mph

This is not your average ride. This is a spinning roller coaster, and unless you’re the most adventurous kid in the world, this is not your typical child-friendly type of coaster, not with a top speed of 38 miles per hour, even if its theme is Finding Nemo.

Crush Coaster’s reputation precedes it, and frankly, so does its queue line, the longest one in Disneyland Paris. The experience itself includes being ‘submerged’ into the ocean. You’ll feel like you’re at the Great Barrier Reef for real. And when the lights go out and you find yourself in the spinning, blood-curling East Australian Current itself, you’ll see what we mean when we say this is one for the adrenaline junkies.

4. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – 39 mph

With a ride as ominously-named as this one, it’s hard to live up to the expectation, but this one does. Located at the Walt Disney Studios Park and based on, of course, the TV series, you’ll be transported to the fictional Hollywood Tower Hotel in Hollywood, California and be trapped in the Fifth Dimension.

Keep in mind that this is one of the tallest structures in the park, reaching nearly 200 feet into the sky. The thing is that you’re not just falling, but you’re being pulled down– 13 floors at a time sometimes. Brace yourself to go down vertical shafts, drop at a relentless, stomach-churning sequence of 39 miles, smile for the camera, and emerge, dazed and confused. 

3. Big Thunder Mountain – 41 mph

Located in the main park in Frontierland, Big Thunder Mountain is unquestionably one of Disneyland’s most iconic attractions.

Here’s the concept: take a step in the late 1800s and into a haunted wild west mining town and to a mountain that’s said to be cursed. The haunted trains are pushed by a supernatural force, which has no qualms about pushing guests at a speed of 35 miles per hour 104 feet in the air. Sudden drops and dizzying turns will satisfy every danger-seeking instinct in the most daring souls. The final tunnel is where the action happens when the train accelerates to a whiplash-worthy speed of 41 miles per hour!

2. Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain – 44 mph

Now we’re talking! Ready to hurtle through space at a breakneck speed? Step onboard the Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, previously known as Space Mountain Mission 2. 

There’s a whole plot you can follow: joining a rebel alliance and defeating the Imperial Star Destroyer, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to focus once the ride first catapults you into the abyss and takes you through the wringer for a duration of two minutes. As you’re propelled at a speed of 44 mph, feel your train bob and sway as lasers are shot between the spaceships.

1. Avengers Assemble: Flight Force – 57 mph

Formerly known as the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Disneyland Paris’ fastest ride, Avengers Assemble: Flight Force is more or less the same ride but with a different theme. Follow where the screams are to find it in the Walt Disney Studios Park.

This incredible, innovative ride invites you to join the ranks of the Avengers and for the ride of your life. Compared to a lot of other coasters, this one is actually a lot less bumpy, but it more than makes up for it in terms of speed. Ever experienced an acceleration from zero to 57 miles per hour in a matter of 2.8 seconds flat? You’ll be seeing stars by the time you come out.

And that’s all we have for today’s video! Are you ready for the most thrilling ride of your life? What’s your favorite roller coaster at Disneyland? We would love to hear them! Leave your answers and thoughts in the comments below!

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