What to bring to a bonfire party? 10 must haves

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Have you ever been invited to a bonfire party? If not, it’s time you find out what all the fuss is about. Campfires and Bonfires are a great way to spend time with friends and family. 

Bonfires are a fun, easy way to get together with your loved ones. It’s the perfect excuse for an outdoor party! Scroll down this article to find out what you should bring.

A good host will provide firewood and some food. However, it is always nice if guests bring something too. Here’s a list of things that would be appreciated at the next event. 

Bring these items to your next bonfire party for a great time with friends!

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So what do you need to bring to a bonfire party?



With an outdoor fire pit, cast iron chimineas or bonfires,  there will always be at least one person who doesn’t have any wood with them. Bringing a stash of seasoned wood from home ensures that everyone can stay warm all night long!


Natural Eco Wood Firelighters


Fire lighters

We all know the struggles of trying to start a fire. It’s frustrating, it takes up time and energy, and it can be futile if you are starting with wet wood. Fire lighters make starting fires easier than ever before! Fire lighters needn’t have any chemicals or additives that could harm your body when used to light a fire. So pack away those liquid accelerants and get yourself some firelighters instead for your next bonfire party! 

Make sure you check out this guide to starting a fire pit.

These Eco firelighters are much nicer than smelly cubes or bottles of fluid.

Bug Spray

incognito Insect Repellent Spray


Bug Spray

Insects are pesky creatures that can ruin your outdoor activities. When you’re at a bonfire party, insects such as mosquitoes and ticks will swarm to the heat of the fire in search for prey or get attracted to the smell of food. It’s best not to take any chances when it comes to these little pests- bring insect repellent!

Keep mosquitos away with All natural Incognito keeps everything nasty away. Mosquito and midge repellent range that’s a bit kinder on the skin. We’ve tested it in some buggy places! We prefer this to the old favourite Avon Skin So Soft, but try them both!


Firepot Dried Food



Have you ever gone to a bonfire party and not brought anything? If you have, then I’m sure the food situation was pretty dire. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. It’s late afternoon when we hear about this great fire pit gathering, so we go with high hopes of meeting new people and having fun outdoors. The only problem is that no one else has brought food!

The thing about going to a bonfire party without bringing your own snacks or dinner is that it can be really hard on your wallet. People are usually already drinking and eating before they even start cooking their food over the fire because they’re hungry from being outside in cold weather for hours! Check out  this guide to cooking food on a fire pit.

After a long day’s walking or when you just can’t be bothered, Firepot’s dried meals are quick and delicious (and now in paper rather than plastic pouches). All natural ingredients too. Just add boiling water.





What is the best way to get people dancing at a bonfire party?

Bring music speakers, of course! 

The awesome sound quality and volume that come with high-quality speakers will definitely have your guests’ feet tapping in no time. Having speakers available means you won’t need to be the DJ all night long. You can enjoy some downtime while others are busy setting up the next song for everyone’s enjoyment. Plus, if you’re not much of a dancer yourself, then it’ll be easier for you to mingle with other guests and talk about anything but what kind of music is being played that evening.

The best waterproof speaker, the Wonderbooms 2 is marvellous. Rugged and waterproof (even floats), connect two for true stereo for use at home, tiny form, big sound…what more do you need?

Oh. and the battery lasts 13 hours. If that’s not enough, you can choose your colour too.


Voited Blankets



It’s a known fact that bonfires are one of the best ways to spend an evening with friends. But when it starts getting colder and you have nothing but your clothes on, you’re probably going to get cold at some point in time. This is why I recommend bringing blankets to any bonfire party- they will keep you warm while still being able to enjoy the light from the fire as the fire shrinks!

Our favourite camping blanket. Packs into a pillow, good insulation, withstands damp and drizzle and made with the environment as a priority. Use them as a blanket, a wraparound, a sleeping bag and a pillow. Lots of gorgeous designs and colours (I have the Bahia), as well as models with a fleecy lining.


Igloo BMX



Bonfire parties can be a lot of fun and it’s always great to have snacks, but for many people there is nothing more enjoyable than having a cold drink on hand. For example, if you are drinking beer then you’ll want to keep a camping fridge or cooler close by.

This Igloo BMX cooler is fantastic, holds 49 litres and is both rugged and smart. The best insulation we’ve found.

Camping Chair

Coleman Deck Chair


Camping Chair

If you’re going to a bonfire party this summer, you’ll want to bring a camping chair. Why? Because sitting on the ground or an uneven surface for hours will get uncomfortable and it’s not very sanitary! It’s no surprise that most people don’t enjoy the thought of sitting on a hard ground for hours. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions available today to make your campsite comfortable and enjoyable.

One solution is simple: take a camping chair with you! Camping chairs are designed specifically for outdoor use, which means they can withstand all sorts of weather conditions. They’re also lightweight and portable so it won’t be too much work lugging them around in your car or backpack. You’ll never have to worry about getting sore or stiff after sitting down for hours at a time again!

The best chair (for us, at least) would have a taut seat, a strong and supportive backrest, be made of aluminium for lightness and fold up reasonably small.

Coleman deck chair – comes in a sand colour too

So, the best we’ve found are directors’ chairs, and the best of these for sturdiness has been the Coleman Deck Chair. Good support with a backrest and strong seat. Not exactly chairs for lounging in, but you could definitely read a book, play a board game or eat a meal in comfort.

This chair just seems built to last. It’s smart, simple and very supportive.


Marshmellow Skewers



The best way to enjoy a bonfire is with s’mores. The decadent chocolate and gooey marshmallow sandwiched between two graham crackers are the perfect treat for any occasion. With summer coming up, it’s time to start planning your annual family camping trip or party at home. I can’t think of anything better than roasting marshmallows over an open fire while sitting around a campfire with friends and family! Bring marshmallow skewers to toast them on.

Terra Verde bamboo plates



Bonfire parties are always an fun time, but what if you don’t have any plates to eat off of? Bringing your own plate is a great way to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy the party, don’t forget to bring bamboo plates! Bamboo plates is an excellent and sustainable choice for a plate because it’s natural, renewable and biodegradable. 

Bamboo is grown in wet climates with high rainfall levels which means that the forests are lush and vibrant. They absorb carbon from other sources so they help reduce the amount of pollution in our air. And since it’s made out of grass, not oil or plastic, these plates break down very quickly after use – unlike traditional disposable paper plates that can take up to 500 years to disintegrate if incinerated.

Terra Verde’s huge range of bamboo and corn crockery includes everything you could dream of and in lovely colours. There are bowls, snack plates, boxes and more. Plain and pretty patterned options too. 

What do I need to know about Bonfire Partys?

1. Know your fire safety rules

Be aware of the wind and keep a healthy distance between your fire and flammable materials.  Keep your children safe with a designated adult at all times.  Do not leave your drink unattended

2. Check the weather forecast

A good weather tip is to check the forecast before attending a bonfire party. It’s nice to know if you need rain gear or a poncho, especially for this outdoor event!

3. Obtain land owners permission

It is very important to get the permission of the land owner when you plan a bonfire. If your fire is too big for the available space, it can cause significant damage like destroying trees or other plants in the forest. Besides it will also have potential legal implications of damaging property and trespass.

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