27 Fun and Interesting Questions to Ask a Toddler

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We know that one of the best ways to boost language development in toddlers is by talking to them, but how do you know what to say? Asking your toddler questions is not only a fun way to discover more about their ever-blooming personality, but it also provides an opportunity for them to feel as though their voice is being heard.

When a toddler answers a question, they feel as though they are the star of the show, with all of your attention focused on their answer. It will be a fun thing to video and look back on in years to come as you discover your toddler’s world from their perspective.

 n this article, we are going to explore 27 of the most fun and interesting questions to ask a toddler, along with some brief descriptions as to why these questions are so important to ask. 

Questions that offer choices

Being a toddler can be frustrating. You don’t always have the right words to express what you want to express to others, and it seems as though all of your choices are being made for you. As parents or caregivers, we are often in such a hurry that we wind up deciding a lot of things for our toddlers simply because it is easier and faster.

Offering a toddler as many choices as possible is important to help them develop their ability to make decisions. When you offer a choice rather than deciding for them, it also helps them feel more in control of the situation and can curtail potential meltdowns. 

It’s good to get into the habit of asking your toddler questions that offer choices at least a few times a day. Whenever possible, present them with two clear options, as having too many choices can cause them to get overwhelmed and frustrated. 

Here are some examples of good questions to ask a toddler that offer choices.

1. Which toy would you like to play with? The (choice one) or (choice two)?

2. Would you like (choice one) or (choice two) for breakfast today? 

3. Which part of getting dressed would you like to do yourself?

4. Which book would you like to read before bedtime?

5. What song would you like to sing?

Questions that develop the identity 

The toddler years are when you can first begin to see an ever-blossoming personality first begins to bloom. Toddlers love having the chance to tell you about themselves and doing so helps them define a sense of autonomy as they discover what they do and don’t like. 

We all know that toddlers love to be the centre of your attention, so asking these questions also helps them to realize that they are important to you. 

Below are some examples of questions that will help give insight into your toddler’s personality. 

6. What is your favourite colour? What do you love about it?

7. Where is your favourite place to be? Why?

8. What do you want to be when you grow up?

9. What is your favourite animal? What do you love about it?

10. What are you really good at?

11. What is your favourite food? What is your least favourite food?

Questions that get them thinking and processing

The toddler’s brain is an incredible thing, soaking up information and stimulation like a proverbial sponge. Asking questions that have more than a one or two-word answer gives them a chance to really use their brains and put some thought into the answer. These questions work great as a conversation starter, and it shows your toddler that you’re truly interested in what they’re saying.

Additionally, these questions can help provide your toddler with a safe space in which to process emotions that may be confusing or overwhelming to them. When you ask questions about how your toddler is feeling, it helps validate those feelings for them and shows them that even difficult feelings are okay. 

Below are some questions that can help get your toddler thinking and processing.

12. What was the best part of your day today? Why?

13. What was the worst part of your day today? Why?

14. What did you dream about last night? Was it a good dream or a bad dream?

15. If you could do anything at all tomorrow, what would you want to do?

16. What makes you feel happy?

17. What makes you feel sad?

18. What makes you feel angry?

Questions that jog the imagination

Helping to develop the imagination is one of the most valuable things you can do for a toddler. While it’s not particularly hard to encourage a toddler to imagine, you can make the experience even more valuable by making the subject of your question relate to something they see in their everyday life.

For example, most toddlers have a toy or stuffed animal that they like to keep close by for comfort. Bringing this friend into the conversation not only gives them a chance to talk about something that they love, but it also exercises their incredible powers or imagination by challenging them to think about what would happen if that favourite toy had its own voice. 

Below are some examples of questions you can ask to help jog your toddler’s imagination.

19. If (name of favourite stuffed animal/doll/toy) could talk to you, what do you think they would say?

20. If (name of family pet) could talk to you, what do you think they would say? 

21. What do you think happens to bubbles after they pop?

22. Tell me all about the best day you can imagine, Who are you with? What do you do?

23. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?

24. What do you think happens to the food you eat?

25. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? What would you use it for?

26. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for? 

27. Would you rather have a pet dragon or a pet unicorn? Why? What would you name them?

Fun questions to ask

It can be fun to ask a toddler some of these questions to hear what they think to be true and which can be quite funny replies. Here is one I asked my niece and her replies.

How old are you? 2

How old is Mummy? She is 3

How old is Daddy? He is 2

What is Love? Love Phoebe (her sister)

What do you want to be when you grow up? A Cat

Where do you like to go? The Park

What does Daddy do for work? Band

What does Mummy do for work? Work on her computer and so do I

What’s your favourite song? Hey diddle diddle (and sang the whole song for me)

What’s something mummy always says? Time for Bed

What’s something daddy always says? Don’t do that

What are you good at? Sitting still

What’s your favourite food? Treats

What do you want for your birthday? A racing car and a track

Where do you live? My House

Whats your favourite Toy? Drawing Hedgehog