Top 10 Best Toy Shops in London Children Will Love

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From the grandest and oldest to the largest and most monumental, London’s toy shops have it all. No matter which you choose, your children will love it and you will too. 

London has everything, including 10 of the best toy shops in the world! Spend hours pawing over these fabulous toy shops with your little one and you’ll agree. From the more classically-styled stores to huge warehouses filled with only toys, your child will be spoilt for choice at these toy shops in London. Let’s take a beautiful stroll through the magical world of toy shops through kids’ eyes. 


Hamleys is the oldest and grandest toy store in the world and has been filling kids’ dreams with incredible toys since 1760. The flagship store opened on 200 Regent street in 1881 and nowadays has around 5 million visitors a year. Since expanding to host 188–196 Regent Street in 1981, Hamleys London store is officially the largest toy store in the world. 

The flagship Regent Street store has 7 floors covering over 54,000 square feet stacked with all the latest toys and gadgets for kids or the young at heart. 

Each floor caters to different categories of toys and the ground floor is traditionally reserved for plush and stuffed toys, teddy bears, giant stuffed elephants and other exotic stuffed plush animals. Upper floors carry lines of action figures, Lego, dolls, kids’ puzzles and board games, as well as plenty of ride-on toys, scooters, bikes, and sporting equipment. 

The biggest appeal for visiting Hamleys any time of year is the events and attractions with Christmas time being one particular highlight. During December, the store brings the Christmas flair bigtime and creates a Christmas grotto where kids can meet Santa and discuss toys with the many elves and Santa helpers scattered throughout the store. 

Disney Store on Oxford Street

Disney’s flagship store is located in the heart of London’s famous shopping district on Oxford Street and is the biggest Disney store in Europe! Fans young and old flock to the store which is set out on 2 floors covering over 8,200 square feet. 

You’ll discover one of the most impressive features as soon as you enter, where a 28 foot Disney castle proudly sits in the center of the store. 

Instore, there’s plenty on offer to keep kids entertained, with toys and merchandise from all the favourite Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Winnie the Pooh, and of course the many Disney princesses too. There’s also plenty of merchandise for all of Disney’s latest film releases including Star Wars and the Marvel series. 

Amongst the thousands of toys available, there’s also plenty to keep kids entertained throughout the store. There are lots of cartoons playing throughout the store, animated trees that glow and sing, as well as an interactive Disney Princess Magic Mirror, and even a life-sized Cinderella coach that’s available for photos. 

Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop

For something a little different that’s sure to keep the kids entertained is the independent Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop. The shop is one of the oldest toy shops in London with ties dating back to 1851. The store has changed location a few times over the years but has remained in its current location within the Covent Garden Piazza building since 1980. 

While there’s not a trendy gadget or brightly colored action figure in sight, the store offers a delightful setting to purposefully draw 21st-century kids away from screens and explore their imaginations with real play, storytelling, and pizzazz! 

The store offers an expansive range of toys and gifts and specializes in reproduction and original toy theaters from around the world. The store also sells books, puppets, music boxes and other traditional toys. The store itself has an almost magical fairytale touch to it, with every nook and cranny filled with beautiful toys and theatrical items. 

Besides the extensive range of toys and gift ideas, the store also offers a selection of festive seasonal merchandise. Throughout December, the store opens ‘Benjamin’s Christmas Bazaar’ which stirs up a lively array of festive decorations and gift ideas the kids will be sure to love! 

LEGO Store 

A trip to central London is never complete without a visit to the Lego store! The world’s largest toymaker opened the world’s largest Lego store on Leicester Square and there’s plenty for children (or the young at heart) to explore! 

The store is set over two floors and covers over 9,838 square feet and includes a 6.5-meter replica of London’s famous clock tower, Big Ben, and the tower even has an illuminated clock face! If that doesn’t ring your bell, then there are plenty of other Lego sets on display. 

The front window of the store shows off the latest and greatest Lego Technic set: a full-size Land Rover discovery. 

Inside, there’s a recreation of a tube carriage made out of Lego, complete with giant Lego figurines, a red coat and a bearskin hat clad guard sitting next to a Lego Shakespeare complete with a writing quill and scroll. Keen eyes will also find the Queen sitting casually on the rear side of the tube carriage! 

Travelling throughout the store there are wall-mounted mosaics depicting the London skyline and river scenes made completely of Lego. In fact, nearly every facet of the interior has a Lego-esque element to it (check the lights). When you’re ready to take a special piece of Lego home, book in for the Lego Mosaic maker, where kids of all ages can make a Lego Mosaic portrait! 

Harrods – Toy department

The name Harrods as a department store is synonymous with London. It’s known for luxury and ridiculously elaborate window dressing and decorating inside too. The kids’ toy department is no less impressive and is guaranteed to “wow” you and your little one! 

While the toy department in Harrods is huge, known as Toy Kingdom, much of the space is decoration and fascinating lighting. This will only add to the magic of the toys on display. From color-themed areas around lollipops to safari settings, the designers in Harrods know how to please. The bright lights, sparkles, giant animal figures and characters really take this toy shop to the next level. 

Of course, Harrods is known for luxury price tags too but where else will you get an authentic Harrods bear from? They also stock special editions of Monopoly, as well as other quality merchandise from the likes of Le Toy Van goods, and other favourites like Lego.    

Pingo Pongo

With a name like Pingo Pongo, you know this has to be a fun store dedicated to children and making them smile…and it is! It’s a lovely quaint (but not small) toy shop that features beautiful toys on display for your kids to run around and enjoy. 

What sets Pingo Pongo apart is that they stock a good range of items including high-quality toy sets. The toy shop was created with parents and children in mind so it’s a great option for arts and crafts gear, puzzles, classic wooden toys, and other toys selected because they encourage creativity. They also have a unique collection of educational toys and games. 

The owners provide a warm and friendly welcome and kids love coming to this store because they get to look at so many different toys that aren’t stocked in regular toy shops. Plus, they arrange festive events in store such as meeting the very one Father Christmas in December. 

As well as great toys, Pingo Pongo also stocks a lovely array of items for your kid’s bedroom and clothes. 

Cachao Toys

Cachao Toys in Muswell Hill is a children’s paradise. It’s well-known for its excellent customer service so if you are searching for something specific, they’ll help you find the perfect gift or toy. From the moment you walk in you’ll be dazzled by the kaleidoscope of colours and so will your child. 

You’ll always find helium balloons keeping this toy shop looking alive and ready for party time. Speaking of parties, Cachao Toys has a great party and decorations selection. With lots of gorgeous little gifts for party bags and unique and kid-friendly ideas (e.g. nail polish for kids that’s non-toxic and odour free), you can spend hours in this store. 

No matter what time of year it is, your kid will be delighted by the window dressing. From elaborate Halloween get-ups to fun Christmas vibes, this store will get your kid in the mood for a celebration (if they aren’t already!). 

The store goes above and beyond when it comes to making gifts special too. If you request gift-wrapping, you’ll be treated to their signature aqua and coral colored tissue paper that comes with a white luggage label and a bright ribbon.

Smyths Toys Superstores

With multiple locations around London, these are truly the superstores of all kids’ toy shops. Selling just kids’ toys and games, Smyths Toys Superstores look more like a warehouse due to their size. Inside, you’ll find colourful aisles filled with toys for all age groups. The aisles are so tall, the staff will need to help you get down any toys from the top rows using their ladders!

Your kid will probably want to play all day in there so this is a perfect option on those overcast or rainy days to keep them entertained for a while. They can test out the kid-sized motorbikes and cars or play with and marvel at the many toys that have been displayed out of their box to tempt your kid and spark their imagination. 

You will find indoor and outdoor toys there, including video games for the older ones so no one is left out. Open long hours and with free parking, you can load up on all your Christmas and birthday presents at once! 

The Entertainer

The Entertainer is a chain of toy shops scattered around London. Adults love this shop for the reasonable prices, while kids get a kick out of the variety and cool brand-name toys and games. You’ll also find a good selection of craft products stocked. You can get free standard delivery if you spend over £39.99 too. 

Even though The Entertainer is a chain, its roots started off small and their vision is to be the “best-loved toyshop – one child, one community at a time”. While you’ll find golden classic style toys in-store, there’s also a “latest crazes” section to help out if you’re not sure what to buy. 

If your kid’s lucky, they may even see “The Entertainer” character in-person walking around the store. This jolly-looking fellow is also the face of the brand and stores. Whether you’re looking for something from Marvel Studios, scented pens for school, or a Woodlets train set, your child will have a great old time at any of The Entertainer toy shops. 

There you have it, the top 10 toy shops in London all offer a magical wonderland of beauty, creativity, imagination, and fun. You and your kid can spend many beautiful hours together in the fantasy world that these toy shops can offer. 

QT Toys and Games

QT Toys has been listed as one of London’s best toy shops by leading magazines and newspapers. A quick trip inside and you’ll see why. The aisles are absolutely heaving with fun goodies making it a treasure trove for adults and kids alike. 

It’s a great toy shop for all your needs as you can find just about every toy imaginable. You won’t get out of here quickly!

QT Toys has been around since 1983 and is a family run business and an established member of the community. They are regularly out and about at fairs and you’ll often find the likes of school Christmas carollers outside in the festive season with the warm glow of colourful lights shining through from this fun and friendly toy shop. 

You’ll find all the old favourites and new editions in there from Winnie the Pooh dolls to DragonBall figurines. They’ve even got a selection of musical instruments which kids love to test out! 

With so much on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If that’s the case, you can set up a wishlist with them for your kids and send it out to the family. QT Toys will then take care of the rest by removing items from your list once someone has purchased them. No more duplicates of the same toy in your house anymore!