30 Ideas For What To Put In Party Bags

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At the end of your child’s birthday party, say thank you to their guests by sending them home with a party bag. This is a nice way to show your appreciation for their attendance at your child’s special celebration. 

We’ve put together a list of 30 items to choose from when putting together your party bags. These are all things that kids will actually use instead of just cluttering up the house–and buying them won’t break the bank since most of these items can be found for just a dollar or two!

1. Coloring Supplies

Kids love to draw and color, so put some coloring items in their party bag that will let them unleash their creativity. For younger kids, choose a package of crayons or a set of washable, fat-tip markers that are easy for small hands to grip.

Older children will appreciate a set of colored pencils or fine-tip markers. Try a set of scented markers for a fun twist! 

2. Stamp Kit

Stamping is a fun way to add color to projects. You can find a huge variety of stamps such as animals, words and phrases, flowers, dinosaurs, and more. Older children can use these to make homemade greeting cards or use them in photo scrapbooks.

Stamps are also a great way for young kids to build their fine motor skills!

3. Nail Polish

An inexpensive and colorful way to have some fun with style, nail polish is best for older children. Nail polish comes in a huge range of colors from red and pink to blue and green.

You can even find neon colors, polish with sparkles in it, and glow in the dark polish.

4. Stickers

A hit with all ages, stickers are a versatile gift that can be used in so many ways! Young children may want to stick them all over everything they can find while older kids can use them to decorate school binders or mirrors. Stickers are also good for trading with friends.

Choose from scented, puffy, or glow in the dark options.

5. Mini Coloring Book

Coloring is a relaxing activity that children of any age can enjoy. Small coloring books are great for keeping in the car as something to keep kids busy while you’re driving.

Pick a theme that party attendees will like such as animals, flowers, or trucks!

6. Lip Balm

Chapstick or lip balm is a good choice for kids old enough that they won’t try to eat it! You can find fun flavors like strawberry, watermelon, cotton candy, or bubblegum.

Some even have sparkles in them for extra shine! You can find some lip balms that have SPF that will provide some protection against the sun.

7. Craft Supplies

Party bags can be filled to the brim with a variety of different supplies to make crafts with. Some options include beads, felt, scissors or glue, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and styrofoam balls.

You can also find craft kits that are already packaged with everything kids need to make a specific craft.

8. Hair Accessories

Give kids some accessories to dress up their hair! Choose from scrunchies, headbands, barrettes, or clips in various colors and patterns.

You could also use bandanas, hats, or sports caps for a child’s favorite team.

9. Keychains

If the kids are old enough to be carrying their own house key, you can put a fun keychain into their party bag.

A great option is to choose ones that are monogrammed with the first letter of the child’s name–this avoids potential safety issues by having their whole name but still makes it unique and personalized.

10. Inflatable Beach Ball

If it’s a summer party, a beach ball can be the perfect thing to include in a party bag. Inflatable balls are packaged flat so they’ll fit just fine and you can choose from different colors.

Some beach balls have sports logos or cartoon characters that kids will enjoy as well!

11. Snacks

What’s a party bag without snacks? If you know the children’s favorites you can include them in the bag, otherwise you can’t go wrong with things like fruit snacks, mini chocolate bars, or small bags of chips.

Always check with the parents before providing food to ensure that there are no allergies or food sensitivities!

12. Playing Cards

A deck of playing cards can provide hours of entertainment for kids. Choose a simple deck or opt for one with children’s characters on it.

You can include instructions for a few simple card games as well. Go Fish, Memory, Snap, and Old Maid are classic games that are easy enough for even young kids to play.

13. Beverages

Kids will enjoy finding something yummy to drink in their party bag. A healthy option is a juicebox–choose ones that are made with 100 percent juice and no added sugars.

If you want to try a sweeter treat, you can try fruit punch, Kool Aid, or lemonade. Throw in a reusable straw made from metal for an eco-friendly addition.

14. Face Mask

Older kids will like this spa-themed gift in their party bag. You can purchase face masks or make them yourself at home with a few simple ingredients and package them in reusable glass or plastic containers.

Choose from scrub masks that rinse off or for more fun try a peel-off mask!

15. Stuffed Animal

Most kids have an abundance of stuffed animals at home already but they will always love another one! Small stuffed animals are perfect for party bags–you can find some that have clips so kids can attach them to their backpack.

From dinosaurs and unicorns, to sea otters and gorillas, you can find every animal–and mythical creature–under the sun!

16. Plant Pot

Get kids interested in gardening at an early age by including a plant pot in their party bag. You can find these in different materials like clay or plastic which kids can then paint or decorate on their own.

If you like, you can include painting supplies or some stick-on jewels for kids to use to make their own uniquely designed plant pot.

17. Notepads

Kids love little notepads for doodling in and older children can use them for schoolwork, writing poems, or jotting down ideas.

They come in different sizes and you can find them in fun shapes like fruit or animals. Another similar option is to get sticky notes that are also found in a variety of shapes and colors. Include a pen or pencil for kids to write with.

18. Skipping Rope

The perfect party bag item for spring or summer is a skipping rope for kids to play with. Anything that encourages children to get outdoors and do physical activity will be appreciated by the parents as well!

Skipping ropes come in different sizes so make sure to get one that is appropriate for the age of children at the party–you can often find adjustable ones as well!

19. Glow Sticks

Fun for nighttime and playing in the dark, glow sticks come in a range of colors and are a hit with kids! They can be attached to backpacks or clothing for when kids are outside at night to help keep them visible. Of course, kids just love to play with them as well.

In addition to glow sticks, you can find glow bracelets and necklaces for kids to wear.

20. Fidget Toy

Keep kids busy by including a fidget toy in their party bag. The ultimate fidget toy is a Rubik’s Cube, the three dimensional puzzle originally created in the 1970s. Other options include fidget spinners, activity cubes, stress balls, bubble pop fidgets, tangle toys, and fidget chains.

If you’re providing these to young children be sure that there are no small pieces that can come loose and present a choking hazard.  

21. Erasers

Kids seem to love collecting erasers–some actually use them for their designed purpose but a lot of kids just collect them as a fun activity. They can be found in hundreds of different styles and shapes–everything from animals and fruit to cartoon characters and sports equipment.

For a fun twist, see if you can find scented erasers for your party bags!

22. Lego

Always a big hit with children, Lego is a popular choice for party bags, especially for kids that are a bit older. Check the recommended age on the product to ensure that it is appropriate for the child you are giving it to–Lego makes larger items for younger kids.

A fun option is to choose a minifigure to include; this could be a popular character from a book, tv show, or movie.

23. Bubbles

A great choice for spring and summer parties, bubbles are lots of fun for kids to play with. You can even find scented bubbles to make things more exciting.

Bubble wands come in different sizes and shapes as well. There are even saxophone toys that you can fill up with bubble blowing liquid so when you “play” the instrument, bubbles come out!

24. Finger Puppets

Younger children will love to receive a finger puppet in their party bag. You can make these yourself with a bit of felt, hot glue, string, and googly eyes. Finger puppets can also be found at toy stores in a range of options like different types of animals or people.

Children can have hours of fun putting on plays with these little puppets–consider including two so they have one for each hand!

25. Seeds

Get kids interested in growing things by including a package of seeds in their party bag. Kids who grow up in urban areas are often disconnected from where their food comes from.

Vegetable seeds are a great way to introduce children to growing their own food–some easier plants to grow include cherry tomatoes, lettuce, peas, beans, and squash.

26. Chalk

Nothing says springtime like a new pack of sidewalk chalk. Children can get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine with different colored chalk. All ages of children will enjoy drawing pictures and writing messages on the sidewalks near their home.

Chalk is also great for drawing hopscotch grids and creating mazes. You can even use chalk to play tic tac toe or pictionary outside!

27. Socks

Okay, socks don’t sound very exciting but older kids love the unique designs that can be found these days! Consider them just another way to accessorize their wardrobe and show off their style. You can find socks with fun patterns and designs as well as socks with animals, favorite foods, and planets on them.

You can also pick a pair of socks that feature popular characters from a children’s movie or video game.

28. Playdoh

Younger children especially will love to get playdoh in their party bag. You can find this in a variety of colors–some of it is even scented or has sparkles in it. Shapes for cutting or other playdoh toys are great to include as well.

If the kids are past the age of playing with playdoh, consider modeling clay instead–they can make all sorts of fun creations with this.

29. Bouncy Balls

Best for kids who are old enough not to put these in their mouths, bouncy balls can provide lots of entertainment for children. Choose from a range of sizes and colors. You can also find bouncy balls that are adorned with children’s characters.

Some are see-through and have little animal figurines inside. Include a few in each bag as these are easy for kids to lose!

30. Sunglasses

If you’re having a children’s party during the summer, a fun idea is to include a pair of funky sunglasses in each child’s party bag. Lots of different colors and patterns are available and you can find heart-shaped glasses or flower-shaped glasses too!

Help kids learn to be sun-safe by choosing a pair that provides adequate protection against the sun.

Final Thoughts

Your child’s friends will go home happy with any of the items from our list of party bag ideas. Kids will continue their party fun at home with your choice of fun and useful items.

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