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Drawing is a key skill for every child. It’s usually their earliest experience of kids crafts. However, it’s often neglected as they try lots of other ideas and projects. Drawing is about going back to basics and re-discovering this simple and satisfying skill.

First Drawings

When a child reaches the age of 15 months, they have the physical skills to grip a chunky crayon and start on the colourful road of drawing. Drawing is a superb indicator of their development. By keeping and recording your growing child’s drawings, you will watch them progress from scribbles to drawing recognisable pictures.

By the time a child is three years old, they have developed much better pencil control and this allows them to copy images and interpret their world through kids crafts.

As the child grows, the details in the drawings develop. Matchstick men will have fingers, hair and smiles. Just a year later, a child will produce drawings with lots of different components such as houses with windows, doors and little gardens, maybe even a fence. Encourage drawing at all stages as it will give them the basic abilities to progress towards writing.

Children love kids crafts with additional challenges. Simple kids craft ideas are basic copying games. Draw a shape and challenge young kids to copy. Use lots of praise when they get it right. If they don’t, challenge again and show them how they can improve.

The simplest way to draw for young children is crayons and scrap paper. A good alternative, though, is the ‘magic slate’. These are widely available in most kids crafts outlets and toy stores. They allow the child to create a temporary drawing and try out different ideas without using any materials and with minimal supervision.

Drawing Materials.

Don’t feel you need to use expensive paper unless you have a specific project in mind. Kids crafts are just as effective using old envelopes, scrap paper or empty packets.

Keep drawing interesting by trying out different types of pencils. Try progressing from crayons to coloured pencils and felt tip pens. Remember to ensure the equipment is age appropriate. Don’t forget to try out drawing with things like chalks or even charcoal.

Simple Drawing Ideas

Drawing is often a simple formula that children can learn and copy in their own work. For example, it’s easy for fairly young children to draw a dog’s face. Start by drawing a match stick man with no arms, just a head, torso and two legs. Draw a circle around the matchstick man. Adjoining the top of the circle you have drawn add an ‘M’ shape. Now draw a large dot within each arch of the ‘M’. Finish with a dome shape above the ‘M’ to form the dog’s head and two floppy ears either side of the face for ears. Now you have a dog! This can be adapted in many ways. Kids can practice and explore other ways of creating simple cartoon drawings using basic shapes.

Don’t always gallop ahead with the whole range of kids craft ideas, remember to slow down and enjoy the basics. Take time to explore some of the fun experienced by the simplest of kids crafts – drawing.

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