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Here at The Dig For Kids we are slightly obsessed with Birds Of Prey, wether it’s watching a Kestrel hover over it’s prey whilst travelling in our motorhome or just generally looking at owl photos online.

Birds of prey are truly magnificent and the UK is home to 15 species of these fascinating creatures. The beauty of this is that the country also boasts a large number of bird of prey centres where avian enthusiasts can go to get better acquainted with their winged friends. 

No matter where you are in the country, you’ll never be too far from one of these centres but there are some that really stand out from the crowd. In our guide to the best bird of prey centres in the UK, you’ll find out exactly where to find the best bird action. 

Top Bird Of Prey Centres In The UK

Herrings Green Activity Farm And Birds Of Prey Centre – The English School of Falconry – Bedfordshire

We absolutely love Herrings Green because it has such a wide range of things to do and is ideal for families. One of the major attractions for this venue is that it is home to the largest collection of birds of prey anywhere in the UK. There are more than 200 for visitors to observe and you’ve got the opportunity to take part in a range of falconry experiences depending on what you’re looking for. 

Choose just a couple of hours with a pro falconer or go for an entire day experience; the choice is yours. If you have an event you’d like some unique entertainment for, you can book a day here or they’ll come to you with their travelling birds.

As well as predatory birds, there is also a collection of other critters including reptiles, creepy crawlies, alpacas and cows so it’s an excellent choice for people with a love of animals. Moreover, you’ll find activities such as panning for gold as well as a yummy ice cream parlour for when you need to take a break from all the fun. 


Bridlington Birds Of Prey And Animal Park – Yorkshire

For families with kids that want to get to know animals better, there aren’t many other places we would recommend as highly as Bridlington Birds of Prey and Animal Park. We loved it on our visit, and it’s great value for money too. The fact that it appears that there’s an amazing collection of predatory birds including owls and raptors. But on top of this, you’ll have the opportunity to meet all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures including parrots (listen out for the occasional words from them!), flamingos, reptiles, wallabies, camels (photo below), porcupines, zebras, emus (very pecky when you feed them!), goats (almost as pecky!) and so many more. 

Every day, the park invites you to watch a series of feedings as well as flying displays and there’s the chance to hold an owl!

But what’s really special about Bridlington is that there are a whole host of courses and classes to expand your knowledge in a surprising range of areas. The Keeper Club is aimed at kids between 7 and 12 and allows them to get a great understanding of caring for birds of prey as well as other animals.

Our Trip Photos


Gauntlet Birds Of Prey – Cheshire

Having been founded in 1996, Gauntlet Birds of Prey in Cheshire now plays home to around 120 different birds across a whopping 46 species so you’re sure to get acquainted with a whole host of new avian friends. 

Gauntlet is a smaller part of the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums and is the largest attraction like this in the North West of the country. There’s a lot to do here including meet and greet with the animals and educational talks to expand your knowledge of the birds. You’ll also be able to watch several flight displays and if you want something more personal, you can book a wildlife experience.

You’ll find a range of other animals at the centre which makes it an excellent educational adventure for kids and adults. Younger visitors might enjoy the meerkat feeding and don’t forget to check out the amazing play area complete with a sandpit and fortress.


York Bird Of Prey Centre – Yorkshire

We’ve visited York Bird Of Precy Centre many times and love it here. It’s a little bit rough and ready around the edges but the amazing staff and birds make up for it. The shows are run regularly and are a delight, especially if there aren’t many people here as you get more opportunities to hold the birds.

York Bird of Prey Centre, founded in 2011, calls the lush walled garden at Burn Hall Hotel home. Its nest, so to speak, was feathered in 2013, welcoming curious visitors on June 15th. With over 100 birds spanning 45 unique species, this place is for bird buffs who crave more than a bird’s-eye view.

Here, you’re not just a spectator; you’re part of the feathered family. Take your pick from our hands-on experiences, Hawk Walks, Owl Encounters, and Falconry Courses, available year-round. And guess what? You can even gift them to that special someone. But it’s not all about the birds; we’ve got a gift shop with more than just birdseed, and our café serves drinks that are hot, just like our birds! Plus, you can catch us at events, schools, and even arrange private flying displays.


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