Best Small Indoor Climbing Frames for Toddlers – Best Of 2022!

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If you have kids then you’ll know that their energy levels rarely seem to wane. While it’s great to get them outdoors and let them burn this energy off, it isn’t always possible. If it’s raining or cold, you and your family aren’t going to want to spend hours in the local park. But the solution may be easier than you thought. 

An indoor climbing frame is an excellent choice for keeping your kids active even when they can’t get outside. Many of these products can also easily be stored away so there’s no worry about having to dedicate an entire room into your very own soft play area. 

But, as with almost everything else on the market for kids, indoor climbing frames are offered in their thousands. This can make choosing the right one feel much more of a challenge than it should be. So, we’ve done the hard work for you. 

We’ve found some amazing products that offer the perfect way to exercise while remaining safe and convenient for indoor use. So, come on; let’s play!

Why Does My Kid Need An Indoor Climbing Frame?

There’s indoor play areas dotted around the world; it’s not difficult to find one. So you might be wondering why you need yet another toy in your home. Well, the answer is simple; do you really want to spend all that money on taking your kid to a soft play centre every time they want indoor exercise? No, us neither!

While these places are excellent, it’s not always affordable or convenient to drop everything for your little one to play. With an indoor climbing frame at home, there’s never a bad time for your child to exercise and stay active. 

What’s more, this permanent access to a way of staying fit will improve and maintain your child’s physical health. And as parents, there’s nothing we want more than this. It’s a no brainer!

But what we think is best about these indoor climbing frames is that they’re just for your kid. Oftentimes when visiting public indoor play areas, you’re confronted with children that won’t share the equipment, toddlers bumping into one another and a whole host of other problems. At home, there’s none of this. Your child is free to jump, climb, play and explore to his or her heart’s content. And what’s even better, you’re always on hand to make sure they’re safe. 

Compact Indoor Climbing Frames – Our Top Picks

Search for small indoor climbing frames and you will be overwhelmed with results. When you have a child to take care of, you probably don’t have the time to spend hours trawling the internet. But don’t worry, we’ve checked out a tonne of indoor climbing frames and present to you some of the very best!

Top Pick

WENDANTA Wooden Swedish Ladder Wall Set

Wooden Swedish Ladder Wall Set – Kids Stall Bars for Exercise – Kids Swedish Gymnastic Wall Gym – Wood Stall Bar Gymnastics Playground – Best...

If your kid wants a real indoor adventure then treating them to this wall ladder will certainly bring them hours of joy. It’s a great choice for more compact spaces as the bulk of the toy sits vertically as opposed to having a large footprint. 

This is an excellent choice for kids who want a lot of climbing space but the slide and swings are a nice addition. There’s also rings and a climbing rope so the fun never ends. Adults can also enjoy this frame for working out!

What’s great about this one is that it’s suitable for young and older kids thanks to a weight capacity of 290lbs. The durable design is reliable enough not to weaken or slip, giving you peace of mind that your children are safe while they play. 

Easy to assemble and comes with all fittingsWe couldn’t find anything wrong with this product
Lots to do
Very sturdy
290lb weight limit
Doesn’t have a large footprint
Wooden Swedish Ladder Wall Set – Kids Stall Bars for Exercise – Kids Swedish Gymnastic Wall Gym – Wood Stall Bar Gymnastics Playground – Best...
  • ✅Swedish wall, rope ladder, trapeze, swing, removable pull up monkey bars, bar2fit, abs bench
  • ✅Sturdy power tower of 290 lbs max load capacity. Durable stall bars offer highly convenient grip
  • ✅Select wood, non-toxic paint, perfectly polished surfaces. Great quality – made in Europe

Best Wooden Climbing Frame

WENDATA Indoor Playground

No products found.

We fell in love with this amazing indoor climbing frame from the moment we saw it. It has everything your child needs to stay active and have hours of fun no matter what the weather outside. There’s a slide, monkey bars and lots of climbing fun. What’s more, it boasts a brightly coloured design that’s super easy on the eye. 

The WENDATA indoor playground is made from high quality wood that has been treated and varnished for a beautiful and durable finish. Moreover, it’s very easy to put together despite how it might appear when you first look at it and it comes with all the fittings. 

On the downside, this isn’t a foldable climbing frame so you will need to find a permanent home for it. That said, it doesn’t have a huge footprint which is a bonus. 

Strong and durableDoesn’t fold
Brightly coloured
Lots of activities
Easy to assemble
Adjustable slide height
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Best Metal Climbing Frame

SLIDEWHIZZER Kid’s Dome Climber

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One of the biggest advantages of a metal climbing frame is that it can stand up to much more without weakening. This one has a 350lb weight limit so is great for kids of all ages. What’s more, being made from powder coated steel, it’s resistant enough to move outdoors in the summer, should you wish. 

While the SLIDEWHIZZER might not have as many activities as some of the climbing frames on this list, it’s certainly more than enough to keep the little ones entertained. With a slide and a dome shaped climber, your kids will get a perfect balance of fun and exercise. 

Putting the climber together is easy thanks to online instructional videos and all of the parts are included. It might take some time but that’s not the end of the world. It is worth keeping in mind that due to the large footprint and non-foldable design, you will need a good amount of space for this one. 

Very durableLarge footprint 
Suitable for kids of all agesDifficult to store
Easy to assemble 
Brightly coloured and ideal for a playroom
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
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Best Plastic Climbing Frame

Eezy Peezy TM300 Playset

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This is so much more than just a climbing frame; there’s also a slide and a ball pit. Plus you get a bag of balls included so you’re good to go as soon as you’ve put the climbing frame together. Speaking of which, that won’t take long since the frame conveniently slots together. 

This is a great choice for younger children and provides them with a wide range of ways to play. Furthermore, since it’s made with such smooth, safe and durable materials, you can rest easy while they have fun.

Thanks to the way the frame slots together, it would be relatively easy to dismantle this for storage. Although this probably won’t be something you’ll want to do after each use. If you have a dedicated playroom, the fun, colourful design will fit right in. 

Lots to doNot suitable for children over the age of 3
Comes with balls included
Durable and safe
Easy to put up and take down
Stunning design
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Best Soft Play Climbing Frame

FDP Softscape Playtime

FDP SoftScape Playtime and Climb Multipurpose Soft Foam Playset with Foldable Seat for Infants and Toddlers; Crawling, Climbing, Block Play for Home,...

The first thing that attracted us to this soft play climbing set was the choice of colours. If you’re having to put the equipment in one of the main living areas, there’s a lovely contemporary colour scheme that will match perfectly. However, if you have a dedicated playroom, the bright assorted set will be appealing to you. 

Whatever colour you go for, your kid can look forward to hours of fun on this soft and safe play set. There are various shapes included so you can create a new climbing frame for them to explore every time. 

The base of the soft play blocks is non slip so it’s ideal for use on hard floors without having to worry about safety. What’s more, with a wipe clean surface, you won’t have to worry about keeping things fresh and bacteria free. 

Great for younger kidsDifficult to store
Various ways to play
Choice of colours
Non slip base
Easy to clean

How To Choose The Perfect Indoor Climbing Frame For Your Toddler

What suits one child won’t necessarily suit another. So, when choosing indoor play equipment, you’ll need to weigh up your child’s needs and work out which product is best for them. We have some great advice to help you choose so before you make a decision, be sure to factor in the following points. 

Safety First

One of the first things to think about where safety is concerned is where you will place the climbing frame. It’s surprising how rough children can get when they’re excited so the frame is sure to slip and slide around if it isn’t on a stable surface. If this happens, there is a serious risk of injury and the last thing any parent wants is a trip to the ER.

To avoid issues like this, we would suggest never placing the climbing frame on a hard floor. Not only is this much more slippery but if the child falls, it’ll hurt much more. Carpet is the best choice but if you don’t have one, you don’t necessarily need to fork out for your local carpet fitter to install one. 

Instead, you might opt for foam mats. These are hugely affordable and widely available. What’s more, they come in a wealth of gorgeous colours so if you’re setting up a playroom, you’ll certainly get the aesthetic spot on. Most foam floor tiles are interlocking which offers greater stability and being soft, they’ll offer protection if your kid does have a tumble. 

In terms of safety, we would also suggest checking the stability and build quality of the frame itself. Fittings and screws should be super secure and any steps should be solid. While it is important to check the structural integrity of the climbing frame when you buy it, it’s also a good idea to do this before every play session for added peace of mind. 


When it comes to choosing the material of your indoor climbing frame, you’ve got quite a few options. 

Soft play climbing frames are ideal for younger children as they are filled with foam or sponge so provide a soft landing in the event of a tumble. These climbing frames and blocks also come in an array of colours, shapes and sizes so you have the option to buy several and make your own bespoke play area. 

What’s more, soft play climbing frames are usually covered in a wipe clean material. This makes them very hygienic and low maintenance. The only issue with this is that the material is more likely to tear. 

Another downside of soft play frames will not fold away and so can be difficult to store. They’re great if you have a dedicated playroom but otherwise you may find that they get in the way. 

Wood is another good option, especially if you want a more traditional looking climbing frame. It’s a strong and durable material that, when looked after properly, will stand the test of time. However, you should keep in mind that it does require a lot more maintenance. That said, it’s perfect for indoor use as outdoor wooden items are exposed to moisture which can cause them to rot. Just make sure not to use your climbing frame in a humid room. 

Plastic is a very common material for indoor climbing frames and one of the reasons it is so popular is that it’s lightweight and easy to move around. Moreover, plastic comes with the advantage of being easy to clean so is an excellent choice for kids. 

However, plastic is not quite as strong as some other materials so it’s often reserved for younger or smaller children.

Finally, there are metal indoor climbing frames. It goes without saying that they offer the greatest durability and are great for older children who may be too heavy for a plastic climbing frame. However, being so hard, it could be dangerous if your child was to slip and bang against the frame.

Maintenance and Cleaning

If you’re buying an indoor climbing frame for convenience then the last thing you want is something that’s a nightmare to take care of. 

For the most part, maintenance will involve keeping your climbing frame clean and the material it is made from will play a significant role in how easy this is. Things like plastic are incredibly easy to wipe down and moisture will do no harm to them. However, if you go for a wooden frame, this cannot become too wet so may be a little more difficult to keep clean. 

Also, materials like wood and metal may deteriorate over time so may need additional care. If you don’t want something that’s going to eat into your time, it might be best to avoid such materials. 


It goes without saying that, unless you live in a mansion, you’re going to need something much more compact than you would when buying an outdoor climbing frame. But while there are a lot of different small indoor climbing frames, they still come in different shapes and sizes. 

Primarily, you’ll need to choose which room your climbing frame is going to be set up in. Once you have done this, you’ll have a clearer idea of how big you can go. But keep in mind that there will also need to be a bit of clearance around the edges for your child to get on and off. 

Of course, it’s always better to go for a climbing frame that is foldable and that doesn’t have to take up a chunk of space all of the time.


Children love being active. Not only is it great for their physical health but active play can improve their fine motor skills, mental health and much more. But getting outdoors isn’t always possible and spending a fortune on visiting indoor play areas every day can quickly break the bank. 

But there is another way; buying a compact indoor climbing frame for your home. These toys come in all shapes and sizes and allow your child to burn off their energy no matter what the weather.