Taking Your Children To Broadway Shows

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Before you decide on whether or not to take your child with you to a Broadway show, it’s vital that you consider their age, what show you’re going to see, and whether or not you are ready to get a ticket for them. All people attending a play are required to have a ticket to see a Broadway show, even if your child sits in your lap.

You must think about your child’s age before going to a Broadway show with them. They’ll need to stay quiet and stay in their seat while the show is going on. This means that they need to sit and pay attention to something for a long time. Also, consider that they won’t easily leave for potty breaks. 

It’s also vital that you consider which show you would see before deciding to bring your child. It not only means picking a show that is appropriate for your child’s age but also how expensive the tickets are. All audience members, regardless of age, need to have a ticket even if you plan on having your child sit in your lap for the show.

Can You Take Children to Broadway?

Most Broadway theatres won’t allow children to come into the theatre unless they are four years old or older. Some theatres require that your children are at least six years old before they are allowed in. Disney shows don’t have a minimum age, but they have suggested the ages for which children should attend the shows.

Whether or not you will have your child join you while seeing a Broadway show will depend on which theatre it is, what show is going on, and how old your child is at the time. Generally speaking, four years old is the youngest that children can attend a Broadway show, but this can change depending on the theatre. 

Also, consider whether or not your child is mature enough to behave well of being in the theatre. You don’t want them to wander off during the show or be talking and distracting from what is going on on stage. They will also need to be able to sit in a single place for the show’s duration.

Can Children See a Broadway Show for Free?

Generally speaking, every child will need a ticket the same way an adult would. However, Broadway does have kids’ nights where they allow any young person under 18 to see a Broadway show for free as long as a full-paying adult accompanies them. These kids’ nights tickets also include discounts for restaurants and parking. 

The Kids’ Nights on Broadway usually take place on slower days like Tuesday’s where there may not be selling a surplus of tickets through the regular ticket distribution. These nights allow audience members under 18 to see some of the current Broadway shows for free as long as they have an adult paying for their ticket. 

However, keep in mind that this may be less of a free night and more of a 50% off each ticket or buying. In this case, you are only buying the tickets for the parent or other adult going with the child, but it is technically 50% off each ticket since your child will require a ticket to be allowed into the theatre.

What are the Best Broadway Shows for Children?

Generally, the best shows for children are Disney shows since they don’t have an age restriction on which children can attend the shows. They also are shows geared towards children so they don’t have anything that might cause children stress, and they generally take into account the shorter attention spans of children. There also may be other accommodations in the theatre since the staff knows the audience will be children.

Below are a few child-friendly shows that come to Broadway to give you someplace to start while looking for the appropriate performance. These shows aren’t always on Broadway, so ensure that you look into current shows before hunting down your ticket. There’s also a mixture of ages here as some shows are better for younger kids and some for slightly older.

The Lion King

The Lion King Broadway show is based on the Disney film and goes through the story of Simba as he grows up near Pride Rock. The Lion King is also one of the most critically acclaimed please ever to make it to Broadway, and it has been seen by over 100 million audience members worldwide. Since it was originally a Disney film, it’s better for younger children.


Wicked is a play based on a book adaptation loosely based on the mythology introduced by The Wizard of Oz. It’s a prequel to The Wizard of Oz mythos and addresses many complex themes such as beauty standards and morality. It has a lot of witty humor and some of the best music in Broadway shows. However, it is for a slightly older audience of 8 and up.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the cursed child is a Broadway show that goes back to the setting of the Harry Potter books and films of hog words. It said two decades after where the books end and have elaborate stages of bringing the magic of the books to life. It incorporates the entire theatre to create this environment to immerse the audience. For ages ten and up.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Mrs. Doubtfire is a musical adaptation of the 1993 film of a dad who goes undercover as a Scottish housekeeper to spend time with his kids after going through a divorce. It has a lot of witty humor while still incorporating complex themes like family connections and grief. For ages ten and up. 


While you can take children to Broadway shows as long as they are at least four years old, there are some other things for you to think about before you decide to buy that ticket for your child. You have to consider whether or not your child will be able to sit through the show behaving well and whether or not it’ll be something they enjoy.