Playmobil vs Duplo – Are They Compatible?

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Playmobil and Duplo building blocks are not compatible because they have different designs for each of their blocks. These two distinct designs for the building blocks are not interchangeable, which means that you can’t use them to build anything together. However, you can simultaneously create structures with both types of blogs as long as you try to fit them together. 

Playmobil doesn’t use blocks as different plastic figures and sets that fit together to make specific structures. It was about having individual boxes that work together and more like a set that requires some self-assembly before a child can use it. This means that their pieces are only compatible with each other within the set. 

In contrast, Duplo blocks are building blocks that interconnect with each other. There are transitional blocks for children that are too young for things like Legos but aren’t relatively as young that they can’t make their structures with the building blocks. Duplo blocks are also available in smaller steps so that you can buy fewer pieces than Playmobil.

What is the Difference Between Playmobil vs Duplo?

The main difference between Playmobil and Duplo is that Playmobil is different pieces that aren’t precisely building blocks per stay and are usually for ages 5 to 12. In comparison, Duplo blocks are actual building blocks for the ages of 1 to 5 years old. Duplo blocks are bigger than Playmobil, making them better for younger children.

Duplo blocks are much bigger since they are for younger children, and they’re not compatible with any other building block because they don’t fit a standard size. Playmobil has a set of pieces that work together to build a specific set instead of selling individual pieces that you can put together in any way that you want. 

The following will go into more detail but what exactly each toy is and why they are more appropriate for one group than another. You must understand these differences so that you can pick the proper toy for whichever child you’re buying for. Generally speaking, Duplo is a good starting block, and then you can transition into Playmobil once the child is a bit older. 


Playmobil is a set of different pieces targeted to the ages of 5 to 12 years old. Since then, it has had sets for both boys and girls and sets for any gender. Generally speaking, Playmobil has a smaller set of fans as they aren’t one of the most famous building block companies, and they don’t tend to be popular with adults. 

Playmobil blocks work best within the same set, making them difficult to Interchange even between different Playmobil box sets, let alone be compatible with other building blocks and pieces. Playmobil is more about building a building or character with instructions instead of having free creativity with the pieces within the box. 

Regardless of the limitations of this toy, Playmobil has very devoted fans that end up buying the toys for their young children once they become adults because they want to share in the experience that they had when they were children. The characters’ distinctive designs and pieces make their fans nostalgic for the toys. There’s also a wide variety of different sets to keep children entertained.


Duplo building blocks are part of the Lego company, except geared towards younger ages. Duplo blocks are for ages 1 to 5 years old because they are double the size of a standard Lego block, making them safer for younger kids. They also come in small sets of fewer pieces are, making it easier for younger kids to use them.

Duplo blocks also help develop motor skills and imagination for toddlers and very young children. There are often available at daycares, preschools, and therapy offices. Duplo blocks are a starting point for children to get into Legos while they’re at a younger age, so once they’re older, they can get a Lego set of their own.

However, even though Duplo blocks are part of the Lego company, they aren’t compatible with the Lego either. Since they are much bigger, it is difficult for them to fit with any other standard building block. This is part of the reason that they aren’t compatible with Playmobil because the shape of the boxes themselves is outside of the standard. However, it can be good starting blocks.

While Duplo blocks are part of the Lego company, you’re probably more familiar with the Lego name than Duplo. In this case, is Playmobil may be the more popular brand name considering that they have such a distinctive look and are the primary product name for their company. Duplo has the disadvantage of having Lego outshine them.

Where Can You Buy Playmobil and Duplo?

You can usually buy both Playmobil and Duplo sets in the same stores like Walmart, Target, and online commerce like Amazon or eBay. They’re also specialty stores for just Lego, where Duplo blocks are also available. Which items each store carries will depend on the store itself and which brands sell the best in that area. 

Lego is usually easier to find, so Duplo tends to be in more stores. Not only do Legos have entire stores just devoted to their products, but they also tend to be more popular, making it easier for stores to stock them and know that they’re going to sell them. You can also buy Duplo blocks in individual bins instead of entire box sets. 

Duplo blocks are more likely to be found in sections for toddlers as they are geared towards a younger age, whereas play mobiles are more likely to be found in sections with older children’s toys. They’re both quite popular products, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find somewhat are you are going into a store in person or searching online.


The main difference between Duplo and Playmobil toys is the age demographic he just handed to words. Duplo building blocks are for younger children such as toddlers and those just starting school since they are bigger and come in smaller box sets, and Playmobil blocks are for older children since they have more components and require children to follow the instructions to build the set.