Best Themed Hotels In The UK

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Getting away from it all for a few nights is amazing; you don’t have to worry about a thing. While staying in a regular hotel is brilliant and you’ll have lots to do, sometimes, you want something extra special. That’s where themed hotels come in and the UK is home to plenty of them. 

I’ll bet you didn’t know that there was a Harry Potter themed hotel or a guest house where you can immerse yourself in all things chocolate! If you’re travelling with kids, there are plenty of exciting themed places to stay like Legoland; the list is endless. 

To help you choose your next themed UK getaway, we’ve put together this list of the best themed hotels in the UK.

The Sidings Hotel Railway Theme – York

For railways and train fans, The Sidings Hotel is an experience unlike any other. The entire place is built around five disused railway carriages and makes you feel as though you’ve just entered a murder mystery film from many moons ago!

The carriages are elegantly done out in decor that echoes their time period and there are several areas to enjoy. Of course, no themed hotel would be complete without themed rooms and some of the carriages have been converted into a locomotive lover’s dream! With grand dark wood four poster beds and luxurious furnishings, you’ll be super  comfortable during your stay. 

And don’t forget that other carriages have been converted into dining spaces so you can enjoy a delicious meal while looking out over the tracks. What’s more, there are themed events going on across the year so be sure to check out the website for what’s happening when you go to stay.

The Aviator – Hampshire

Anyone who has a fascination with aircraft would do well to book a night or two at The Aviator in Hampshire. The hotel overlooks Farnborough Airport; a private airport that is used to seeing a few famous passengers coming through. In fact, if you dine in the hotel restaurant, you will be greeted with photos of some of the big names that have been here including Angelina Jolie!

This is an incredibly luxurious hotel that has much more to offer than just a place to rest your head. Of course, the rooms are one of the main attractions and they’re all kitted out in the most high end furnishings to make you feel as though you’re cruising on a private jet. What’s more, with views of the runway, you won’t miss a moment!

One of the main features of this hotel is the stunning architecture. The main foyer opens up reaching several floors. When you head to the top and look down, the entire thing has been designed to look like a propeller; that’s not something you see in any old hotel!

If you want to find out more about aviation, then the hotel is perfectly placed since the Farnborough Air Science Trust Museum is just next door. And when you’ve done your exploring for the day, you can relax in the fine dining restaurant or enjoy some cocktails. Oh, and did somebody say endless prosecco? That’s right, the afternoon tea comes with bottomless drinks; a great excuse to put your feet up and relax in style!

Clink 78 Hostel Prison Theme – London

There aren’t many people who would volunteer for a stint in prison but if you want to get a feel for what it’s like then why not head to the Clink 78 hostel in King’s Cross, London?

Many years ago, the building in which this hostel now sits used to be a courthouse. That said, there are other Clink hostels located around the city so you’ll always get a new experience. What’s great is that, because this is a hostel, it’s a perfect option for people on a budget that still want to experience the joy of a themed hotel. 

If you want the full prison experience then there is the option to sleep in a former prison cell. There’s also an old courtroom you can explore and since you’re right in the heart of London, it’s a great base to discover other penal themed attractions like the London Dungeons and Clink Street Prison!

The Chocolate Box Hotel Chocolate Theme – Bournemouth

If you’re anything like me and have a penchant for a nice bit of chocolate then staying in the luxurious Chocolate Box hotel is a must when you’re in the Bournemouth area. You’ll stay in a sweet-themed room with chocolate inspired decor and can experience a whole host of chocolatey themed activities.

The hotel offers several workshops allowing you to discover how to make indulgent chocolate cheesecake, truffles and so much more. On Sundays, you might want to try out the chocolate buffet; those with a sweet tooth will be in their element. There are also tasting rooms which you can hire out for private functions. Plus if you’re having a hen do or similar occasion, the Chocadence packages are perfect and start at just £26 per person. 

If all of that wasn’t enough, the hotel is in close proximity to several places of interest including the beach. You’re going to want to take a refreshing walk after all that chocolate!

Legoland Pirate Theme – Windsor

Legoland is one of the most successful themed parks in the country so it goes without saying that the themed hotel is just as exciting. There are several options for short breaks and this is a perfect location for young families with the theme park at your disposal. 

There are two hotels on the Legoland resort in Windsor; a castle theme and a pirate theme. Choose any according to what your child loves and you’ll be just as pleased with what you find. You can choose from a themed room or a premium themed room which includes additional Lego models and an exclusive pop badge and lanyard for the theme park. 

Each room is decorated according to the theme and comes with a set of Lego bricks to keep the kids entertained even when you’re simply getting ready for the day. The rooms sleep up to five people and even have Lego themed beds; it’s a truly immersive experience. Since the Legoland resort is so large and there’s so much to enjoy, staying over for the night allows you to see and do everything onsite.

The Vineyard Wine Theme – Berkshire

Five star luxury awaits you in this stunning traditional English hotel situated in breathtaking grounds. The building itself is a sight for sore eyes and is set in a 19th century hunting lodge. The rooms are incredibly luxurious and contain antique furniture and comfortable sleeping quarters for a night that you won’t easily forget. 

Since this hotel prides itself on delivering excellent wines, it will come as no surprise that the owner also owns their very own vineyard in California; one of the biggest wine producing regions in the world. This vineyard produces more than 800 bottles that are kept at the hotel along with 30,000 other bottles from around the world. Wine connoisseurs rejoice!

Now, if you don’t want to stay, because let’s face it, a double room for almost £400 a night is quite expensive, although, I would say worth it, then there are other options. For example, if you’re in the local area, you might pop in for an afternoon of wine tasting or sample the delights in the hotel restaurant. Of course, your meal will be expertly paired with a wine of choice so it’s the ultimate experience for foodies and winos alike!

Alton Towers – Staffordshire

One of the most magical things about Alton Towers is that it has a choice of four themed hotels so there really is something for everybody. 

The Cbeebies hotel is ideal for little ones and immerses them in the colourful world that they would normally only see on the TV. Each room is themed with different characters with everything from IN The Night Garden to Octonauts and so much more. There are live Cbeebies shows in the hotel every night and plenty of activities to keep the kids happy. 

If you prefer something a little more laid back then you might try the stargazing pods at Alton Towers. These pods are located on a makeshift village green and each comes with a telescope so you can look up at the night sky once the sun sets. While minimal, these pods allow you a comfortable and interesting place to enjoy the great outdoors. 

The Splash Landings Hotel is perhaps one of the most well known at Alton Towers and has a water park theme complete with its very own wild water park. With a Caribbean theme, your room will transport you to a tropical beach in the sun; it’s the perfect place to relax after enjoying the in-hotel calypso shows!

Finally, there are the woodland lodges at Alton Towers which allow you to get back to nature and sleep among the trees. A laid back yet family friendly themed hotel, the woodland lodges are cosy and contain all the mod cons for a super comfortable stay.

London Bridge Hostel St Christopher’s Inn Village Japanese Theme – London

The Japanese are known for doing things a little differently and hotels are no exception. If you have ever seen those quirky capsule hotels and wished you could experience one without having to travel halfway around the world, well now you can!

The London Bridge Hostel is the first capsule hotel in the UK and is conveniently located not too far from Tower Bridge, giving you an amazing base to explore the city. However, it is worth noting that the capsules are pretty small, as is the tradition so if you tend to get claustrophobic then this might not be the right accommodation for you.

But while the capsules are tiny, they are fitted with everything the modern traveller would demand. You’ve got mood lighting, USB ports and air con so you’ll be super comfortable. And while the capsules are based around a Japanese concept, the hostel itself has a lot of nods towards London so you get the best of both worlds. Oh and did I mention it’s super affordable at just £25 a night?

Georgian House Hotel Harry Potter Theme – London

Before I even delve into what this magical hotel has to offer, I cannot pass up the opportunity to also speak about the website. Even as you book your stay at this amazing accommodation, you’ll already be immersed. The pointer on the website is a little wand so you’ll feel like you’re truly conjuring up your stay!

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter books or movies then staying in the Georgian House Hotel is a must. This hotel is not affiliated with the brand but has done a pretty stand up job of recreating the wizarding world. The building goes back to the mid 1800s and is filled with mystery at every turn. 

Rated five stars, you’ll find concealed rooms, stunning stained glass windows, spooky areas and an array of magical items like cauldrons dotted around the hotel. It truly feels as though you’ve just entered accommodation on Diagon Alley itself!

There are single, double and family rooms available with themes that make them look like the dorm rooms at Hogwarts. Large four poster beds, house drapes and much more make this a very immersive experience. 

But it doesn’t stop at the bedrooms; there are so many other wizarding themed activities at this hotel. Why not try the magical cocktails or wizard themed meals?

Arthouse Hotel Movie Theme – Liverpool

The Arthouse Hotel promises to let you ‘take a step back in time as they bring the classics to life’ and the hotel does a really good job of this. If you love the golden era of film then this is a must see hotel but it’s also ideal for fans of more recent Hollywood flicks. 

The rooms are based around several different movies so you might end up staying in the Mary Poppins room or sleeping in a more sinister setting like the Psycho room! The Marilyn Monroe room is hugely popular or you might spend a night in the John Lennon room; there really are so many to choose from. What’s more, the hotel is home to a lot of suites, some of which sleep up to 14 people so it’s great for group bookings. 

If you’re in Liverpool to take in all the tourist attractions and sights then the Arthouse is perfectly located. You’ll have easy access to all the best places in the city making this the perfect spot for everything from a girly weekend to a couples retreat. 

Gulliver’s Hotel Various Themes – Warrington

Gulliver’s Hotel in Warrington is home to an array of themed rooms that are perfect for families. One of the most popular is the princess room; ideal for littles ones who want to transport themselves to a royal kingdom for the night. With plenty of pink, a four poster bed and a sprinkling of fairytale magic, this is an ideal room for a young girl’s birthday treat. 

But there’s plenty more; how about bedding down for the night in a swashbuckling pirate themed room or the wild west room? For lovers of NERF, there’s even a NERF themed room that comes complete with interconnecting rooms; great for families. 

The Swizzels room is great for those with a sweet tooth and is super bright and colourful and is like taking a trip to candy land! Of course, no matter which room you choose to stay in, you’ll have easy access to the theme park that is home to more than 80 rides and attractions; plenty to keep you and your little ones entertained for a weekend. 


While most of us wouldn’t realise it, the UK is home to an astonishing number of themed hotels. We have included several of the best in this list so whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend filled with beautiful wines, a family fun packed getaway or something quirky like a stay in a pretend prison, the themed hotels in the UK have something to offer. 

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