Disgusting Food for Halloween

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Halloween is becoming more and more popular every year. Why not complete a fun day by helping kids to prepare and dish up some truly disgusting food? With some simple ideas, fresh ingredients and plenty of ghoulish imagination, you can embark on some fiendishly crafty projects together.

Eyeball Snacks

Hard boil some eggs and cool before cutting in half and laying on a serving plate face down.

Get the children to paint a little tomato ketchup onto each halved egg.

Finish your bloody snack with a dot of cream cheese for glue and a small ring of green olive (stuffed olives are particularly effective).

Halloween Pasta

  • Spaghetti
  • Chippolatas
  • Flaked almonds
  • ’Bloody’ tomato and vegetable sauce
  • Black olives

Start by boiling enough spaghetti to suit the number of children you are catering for. This part of the recipe is strictly for the grown-ups. While the pasta is cooking, bake some chipolata sausages. Allow them to cool slightly, so the children can handle them safely.

Drain the pasta and stir plenty of tomato and vegetable pasta sauce through it, keep the mixture warm while the kids are preparing the fiendish fingers. Take each sausage and cut a small slit at one end. Push a flaked almond into the sausage, so you have what looks like a small severed finger. The kids will enjoy this part of the recipe.

Ask your small helpers to arrange a grassy fringe of lettuce around the rim of each serving plate. Pile the warm pasta mixture into the middle of the grassy plate and arrange the sausage fingers so they are sticking out of the pasta mess in a horrible way.

Now sprinkle the pasta with diabolical black olive slices and serve to your ‘hungry’ guests.

Graveyard Goo

Make up a large bowl of instant chocolate dessert and leave in the fridge to cool. Now comes the fun bit. Turn a simple, chocolate dessert into a creepy cemetery.

Crumble half a packet of chocolate biscuits into crumbs. The best way of doing this is with a rolling pin and polythene bag. Kids seems to love this job. The best biscuits to use are bourbon biscuits, the crunchy crumb and chocolate cream mixture seem to give a good earthy texture to your graveyeard.

Now sprinkle the chocolate earth over the surface of the graveyard.

Next you’ll need a carpet of green grass for your graveyard. This is really easy to do by mixing some dessicated coconut with a few drops of green food colouring. Once you’ve achieved the right colour, sprinkle the grass sparingly over the muddy ground. Finish your ghoulish graveyard with some tombstones. Use four or five Nice biscuits. With a black icing pen, mark each tombstone with R.I.P. and push gently into the chocolatey earth.

The kids can finish off their centrepiece with some scatterings of gum-sweet worms. Yuck!

Gory Milkshake

Scarily Good Things to Try

  • Try making cupcakes using a basic cupcake mix- have fun with lots of orange and black icing. The shops are full of seasonal candy shapes that kids can use to make the cakes extra-special.
  • Make chocolate spiders from choclcolate cupcakes with eight chocolate sticks for legs and white iced eyes and fangs.
  • Cut sandwiches with decorative Halloween cookie cutters.
  • For a simple table decoration, draw grizzly pumpkin features with thick black pen onto small oranges or tangerines- dot them around the table to give your guests the impression that the kids have been busy carving miniature pumpkins for the occasion.

Halloween offers so much scope for children to enjoy a vast range of crafts and skills. Whipping up a delicious Halloween feast is no exception and allows kids to give full rein to their grizzly imaginations.

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