How Long Does 0-3 Month Old’s Clothes Last?

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Read this article to learn how long your baby can wear 0-3 month clothes and the difference between newborn clothes and 0-3 months.

As you prepare for your baby to arrive, you might find yourself wondering how long does 0 3 months clothes last. While the name seems to give you a basic range to work with, your baby could grow out of these clothes in about 8 to 10 weeks. It’s better to have some clothes in the next size up, so you’re ready to switch over if you need to.

While the name implies that you should expect the clothes to last up to 3 months, there’s a likely chance that you won’t be able to get that long out of the clothing. Newborn clothes aren’t last very long on a baby that weighs at least 8 lbs at birth, let alone if they weigh more. It’s much better to buy in a larger size.

You should be aiming to buy clothes in the 3 to 6-month range because they will last longer and your baby can wear them before three months even if they are a little too big. You can roll up the pants and sleeves, so they fit better, and you will be able to keep them longer. Buying clothes in size range is also better for gift-givers. 

Are Newborn Clothes the Same as 0-3 Months?

“Newborn” refers to a range of different sizes, but generally, it is for babies in size range of 0 to 3 months. However, if your baby is bigger than about 8 lbs at birth, then you’re better off getting a larger size, even if it’s within their first couple weeks of life. If your baby is smaller, you might need clothes specifically for newborns.

There is a difference between newborn and 0 to 3 months clothing. Newborn clothing is smaller and generally only for babies under 8 lbs at birth. Otherwise, you won’t get much use out of them or any use at all if your baby is on the larger side. 

However, even if your baby is on the smaller side, you may benefit more from buying 0 to 3 months’ clothing and rolling the sleeves and pants up to fit better. While the clothing will be big on them for a little bit, it won’t take long before your baby is big enough to fit them better. Even with smaller babies, newborn clothes only fit for about four weeks. 

What is the Weight Limit for 0 – 3 Month Baby Clothes?

The weight limit for 0 – 3 month baby clothes is 8 to 12.5 lbs. Using weight as a measurement is likely to be a better marker for whether or not the clothing will fit your baby than age. Keep in mind that your baby’s weight will fluctuate in the first month.

A newborn baby will lose weight over the first weeks after birth and then start to gain weight at about 1 ounce per day. This means that using weight as your guide for picking clothing sizes can be more beneficial since it’s easier to estimate how quickly your baby will grow. Start with your baby’s current weight and expect them to gain about a pound per month.

Weight is a far better indicator of your baby’s size than their age. Using their age isn’t necessarily the best metric for clothing size since some babies will be born smaller, and some babies will be born larger. Keep in mind that you aren’t want to use the same clothes up to the 12.5 lb limit but instead switch to the next size.

Are 0-3 Months the Same as 3 Months?

You will come across some clothing labels that say three months on the tag. Three months refers to 0 to 3 months, whereas six months would refer to 3 to 6 months. The number of months on the label indicates the longest length of time a baby is likely to still fit in the clothes.

Different brands have different labeling clothing to indicate what size and age the clothes apply to. Not every brand will label the sizes the same, nor will the same size necessarily apply to your baby as you switch between different brands of clothing. What might be categorized as a three-month limit for one brand might not fit the same way as another brand. 

Generally, you will want to aim higher than you think the proper size is for your baby. Not only will this give you some wiggle room in terms of getting to fit correctly, but it will also allow your baby to grow into the outfit. Babies grow very fast at the beginning of their life, so aiming on the big side isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

How Many Outfits Does a 3-Month-Old Need?

Aim for two outfits per day back in last you the whole week. The general rule of thumb is to have 14 day outfits or onesies and 14 sleepers for nighttime. There will be days when you need to change your baby once and days when you will need to change your baby three times. Giving yourself two weeks’ worth of clothing is safest.

Baby is growing very fast within those first few months of life, so you don’t want to buy too many clothes that you would have to donate or give away once your baby grows out of them. However, you also want to be left with nothing to change them into when they decide to spit up all over themselves. 

Having enough clothing that you can change twice throughout the day or night is usually the safest way to go. It means that you will select outfits for a few months while they still fit well and not go overboard with how many clothes you have to choose from. If your baby is born in the winter, you may need to buy more layers.

How To Know if Baby’s Clothes are Too Small

You will generally be able to tell when the clothes are too small for your baby when there are lines or imprints from buttons or elastics on the skin or if the shirt rolls up over the belly. You will also tell if buttons or snaps are popping open. Any irritation to the skin can also be a sign of clothes being too tight.

Once you’re getting close to the weight or age limit of your 0 to 3-month clothing, you’re going to have to start looking for signs that the clothes are getting too small or too tight. Some of the signs that you should look out for are:

  • Snaps or buttons coming open
  • Lines are imprints from elastics or buttons
  • Shirts that roll up over the belly
  • Cuffs being tight around the wrists or ankles
  • Baby crying when they get dressed

If you see any of these signs, it’s time to donate or give away your clothing and move on to the next larger size.


0 to 3-month-old clothing will fit your baby for ten weeks if they are on the smaller side and as little as four weeks if they’re larger. The age range is an estimate that you can use as a guide, but you’ll need to eyeball the size. You can get more out of the outfits by getting a larger size.