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The Dig – Luke (1) Sample

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What Others Are Saying
“I love Patrick’s heart to lead children into the Word; to dig into the living and the active. The Dig is a wonderfully constructed study for young ones that teaches them to engage with and learn about the scriptures. We use it, and I recommend it!”
~Sarah Mae, author of Desperate

“I’m so excited to take my children through the The Dig! Family devotional time is very important to us and when we read the Bible together, I don’t always know what principles to pull out of the scriptures that will best relate in their lives. I’m thankful that Patrick has taken the guess work out of Bible reading time! And the best part is that no scripture is left unread. Line by line, you’ll read the bible with your children, have discussion questions, the take away of the lesson and how to apply it to daily life. Brilliant!”
~ Candace Cameron Bure, Actress and NYT Best-Selling Author

“What a fantastic resource for parents! The Dig is a simple, fun and powerful way to help our children develop a love for studying scripture and spending time with God.”
~ Kat, InspiredtoAction.com

“Patrick Schwenk has authored a wonderful discipleship tool that will be an incredible help to parents as they seek to both model and teach the story of Jesus to their children. With alarming reports recounting the numbers of young people leaving the church and their faith after high school, this couldn’t come at a more opportune time. “The Dig” is practical, user friendly, application oriented and faithful to the gospel. It is a significant gift to the church.”
~Dave Kraft, Pastor of Leadership Development: Mars Hill Orange County
Author of “Leaders Who Last” & “Mistakes Leaders Make”

“The Dig for kids is so imaginative and fun! Patrick Schwenk makes it easy to explain God’s word to your children through creative questions and hands on activities. This is definitely a treasure. There is nothing greater than discovering God’s truth together!”
~ Courtney, Women Living Well Ministries

“The thing about archaeological digs is they’re never really finished—the more you dig, the more you find. That’s true when we dig into the Bible, too. And now Patrick Schwenk, a father of four and a pastor, has put a tool into parents’ hands that will enable them to be confident archaeologists of Bible truth, digging into the treasure-laden soil of God’s Word with their children. What I really like about The Dig is that it is a natural and friendly tool— easy to use (no preparation required), always accessible (just open
reader), uncomplicated (just add Bible), and designed for effective digging (it works). Even the most time-challenged parent will be able to pick it up, dig into the Bible, and discover new treasures of truth with their children every day. I highly recommend The Dig for families with elementary-aged children. You and your kids will love what you find the more you dig.”
~Clay Clarkson, Whole Heart Ministries
Author of Our 24 Family Ways: A Family Devotional Guide