Quiz: Which Craft is Right for Your Child?

  • By: The DIG for Kids
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Different crafts suit different children and it’s all a question of personality. So where do you start? Which areas of arts and crafts will suit your child most? Take this simple quiz and see if you can spot the projects which might appeal to your child.

On a rainy day, does your child….?

a. Turn into a dirt magnet, rolling in mud baths b. Love splashing through puddles with wellies and a raincoat on c. Refuse to go outside

Faced with an obstacle course, would your child…?

a. Have a go but give up if it gets too tough b. Give it their best shot with military style determination c. Just go around the obstacles and ignore the challenge completely

At a party, does your child…?

a. Get upset when there’s too much going on b. Get upset when it’s time to go home c. Get upset when it’s time to go to the party

You are in a maze with your child, does he or she…?

a. Love the idea that you are lost and can’t find your way out b. Enjoy the maze as long as they know you probably know how to get out c. Won’t even step into the maze for fear of getting trapped in the unknown

Your child is helping you to stack books into a bookcase, do they…?

a. Just heap them in, speed is of the essence b. Stack them in fairly carefully, then get bored and wander off c. Arrange them beautifully by size and colour

You and your child are growing a plant from seed together. Does the plant…?

a. Go unnoticed by your child when nothing appears above soil after a day b. Survive with a little care from both of you c. Flourish under the care of a fascinated mini gardener

You are going to have a baking session. Would your child prefer to…..?

a. Make mud pies in the back garden b. Stick to messing about with the icing and sprinkles c. Get really involved in weighing and combining the ingredients

It has started to snow outside. Does your child…?

a. Dash straight outside and start furiously hurling snowballs around the garden b. Hop up and down, desperate to wrap up warmly so they can go outside and build a snowman c. Wait for a bit to see if the snow settles

Your child decides to dress up for a party, are they more likely to…..

a. Go mad with face paints for instant results b. Rummage through their dressing up basket looking for something to adapt c. Plan their outfit days in advance and start making it from scratch

You are having a DIY session and your child has offered to help. Do they….?

a. Plunge into the paint pot and send emulsion flying everywhere b. Watch you and ask if they can copy c. Enjoy measuring and playing with the tape measure

If your answers are mostly A’s- Your child is excitable and spontaneous. They love digging in and getting messy, as long as there are instant results. This child thrives on adventure and experimentation, with absolutely no time for patience! Try any arts and crafts based around different methods of painting or drawing.

If your answers are mostly B’s- This is a child who likes a measure of safety and detail in their lives. They are one of life’s planners and always step back before acting. They often prefer to observe first and then copy. Model making would be the perfect craft activity for this child.

If your answers are mostly C’s- Your child prefers clean activities, they like following a plan and enjoy solitary and quiet activities. This is a child who hates the unknown and prefers to be cautious. They are precise, patient and suited to crafts involving skill and patience like knitting, sewing or other textile crafts.

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