The SafeKids Child Safety Handbook (Free Download)

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Ensuring children are kept safe and well is of paramount concern to parents, carers and those working with children. Children, especially when they’re young, unaware and inquisitive, are particularly prone to accidents and they can happen in the blink of an eye.

But by being aware of potential dangers and doing your best to ensure dangerous situations or activities are minimised, you can help reduce the risk of accidents occurring. There are many simple ways of doing this and they can be highly effective, so it’s well worth investing time, and perhaps some money, into helping your child remain safe.

What’s more, it’s not only crucial for adults to care for children and ensure they remain safe and well, but it’s also important to teach children about potential dangers and risks so they can learn to look out for themselves as they grow older.

This 58 page book brings together the common hazards affecting children’s safety and provides practical tips, advice and guidance with learning to combat them. It looks at the facts regarding accidents, the key safety issues in the home, garden, out and about and more, and helps you understand what extra input you can provide to help children keep safe at all times and in all situations.

Whether you’re a parent wanting to provide the best care and support for your child, or someone who works professionally with children

What’s covered…

Below is a list of the chapters included in the book showing the subjects covered:

  1. Children’s Accidents – Facts and Common Hazards
  2. Indoor Safety
  3. Childproofing Indoors
  4. Outdoor Safety and Common Hazards
  5. Childproofing Outdoors
  6. Children’s Toys and Equipment
  7. Keeping Safe Out and About
  8. Health and Safety Issues
  9. Choosing Safe Childcare
  10. Learning About Personal Safety
  11. Emergencies

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Paperback Available

If you don’t want to download the handbook, we have had a limited number of handbooks printed in paperback.The paperback has 90 pages and is packed full of information and guidelines to provide you with a handy, quick reference point for those “need to know” moments. In print the Handbook is priced at £5.75 including postage and packing. You can order by cheque – please send your cheque (made payable to PtS plc) to the address below:

PtS Daresbury Point

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