Toilets, Potties, Germs and Children

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Children like nothing better than splashing about in a bit of water, even if it is in a toilet, or bringing the potty to you to show you what they’ve done, generally having slopped most of it across the floor!

Though you’ll never stop the fascination, the big concern is the transfer of germs and what you can do about it. The most likely outcome of a dirty loo is stomach disorders or eye infections, as little hands get put into mouths or rub eyes quite often.

Good Personal Hygiene

For your own sanity, remember that you’ll never be completely germ free but you can go some way to ensuring it’s not too bad. As well as keeping the toilet and surrounding surfaces clean, make sure your child’s personal hygiene is good by encouraging handwashing, preferably with a liquid antibacterial soap, and that hands are dried on a towel (not clothes!) when they’ve been to the toilet.

For smaller children, provide a small step for when they use the toilet so that they don’t have to haul themselves up and lean on the seat. Make sure it is a sturdy one that is light enough for them to move, and try to avoid the folding variety that can also collapse. Also, to avoid germ build up, show your child how to flush the toilet properly. A regular squirt of toilet cleaner under the rim will help get rid of any build up in the short term, too.

Reduce Germ Build Up

Doing that little bit of extra cleaning can also be a big help. Clean under the seat and lid as well as on the visible surfaces regularly, as these are where splashes can cause the biggest build up of germs.

The handle also should get a wipe each time it is used. If it’s easier, keep a pack of disinfectant household cleaning wipes in the locked cupboard in the bathroom so you can quickly and easily wipe up any drips and give the loo a once over without needing cloths and bottles of cleaning stuff.

It only takes a minute to wipe and when you’re doing it umpteen times a day, that can make a big difference!

Potty Hygiene

When Potty Training, make sure they are emptied as soon as possible so that your child learns that wee and poo are not toys! This also teaches them where wee and poo should go. Wash potties in warm water and a rinse of disinfectant and make sure you pay attention to the handles and underneath as well, just as your child will have done! And even though it’s a potty, handwashing is even more important as again, small hands go straight in mouths.

If you want to be really good to your child, then consider using an eco-friendly range such as Ecover, which are less hazardous to the touch and don’t poison rivers and oceans. A bit of cleansing the soul to add to cleansing the toilet bowl!

On The Move?

Take your hygiene with you! Whenever you are out and about make sure you have disinfectant wet wipes, baby wipes for bottoms young and old, a toilet roll, disinfectant hand gel, your own potty and a changes of clothes.

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