Top 10 Mazes In The UK

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I’m forever racking my brains for something to do with the kids and it’s quite easy to run out of ideas. But a maze is a brilliant way to keep them entertained and, if you choose a good one, you could end up spending a good few hours there!

The UK is home to hundreds of mazes that come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want something quick and simple or a maze that gives you more of a challenge, you’ll find something you love. 

I’ve been exploring some of the best mazes in the UK and present to you this rundown of what I’ve found. No matter where you are based, there’s sure to be something nearby; all you need to do is take your pick!

1 Longleat Hedge Maze — Wiltshire

Located in Longleat Safari Park, the hedge maze is a great way to get you and your kids exploring with more than 1.7 miles to discover. There are six bridges throughout the maze which can take up to 90 minutes to complete. However, if you’re really adept, you could manage it in as little as 20 minutes!

What’s wonderful about this maze is how well kept it is and it has some of the highest walls I’ve seen so there’s no way to cheat!

The maze was originally opened in 1978 and has seen millions of visitors trying to find the central observation tower. How quickly can you do it?

2 Horrible histories Maze Warwick Castle – Warwick

Warwick Castle really does have it all and if you thought you’d exhausted everything on your day out here, then wait a moment because you still need to check out the Horrible Histories maze. 

This is the perfect maze for families and not only will it test your directional skills, it’s also perfect for learning. The maze is filled with information on various points across history and features tons of obstacles and special effects to make things even more exciting.

3 The Amazing Maize Maze – Cornwall

On the Duchy of Cornwall estate, there is still a fully working farm and on that farm…there was a maze! What’s great about this maze is that you can visit time and again and never face the same challenge because it changes every year. 

There has been a dinosaur theme, a wizard and a Mayan jaguar up until now. The maze opens in July  and is available for visitors up until the end of September. Even when you’re done exploring the twists and turns, you’re in one of the most beautiful spots in Cornwall so there’s so much more to discover. 

4 Hampton Court Maze – Surrey

If you want to combine a bit of history with your maze running then the one at Hampton Court will sate your desires since this is the oldest hedge maze in the country! It was first designed by William lll back in 1700 and covers around one third of an acre. 

However, it’s a relatively easy maze so is ideal for younger kids and those who don’t want a huge challenge. Most people will be able to complete it in about 20 minutes. 

As well as the maze, your entry ticket allows you to explore other parts of the site including the palace, the gardens and any current exhibitions that are running. It’s something you can really make a day of. 

5 Minotaur Maze – Northumberland

Moving up to Northumberland, we have the exciting minotaur maze located in the grounds of Kielder Castle. 

What’s unique about this maze is that it is made completely out of stone. There are things in this maze that you won’t find in others such as stairs that allow you a view over the entire maze which helps you to find your way. 

At the centre of the maze, there’s another unique feature in the form of a room made entirely from recycled glass. It’s certainly something you aren’t going to forget in a hurry.

6 The Dragonfly Maze – Bourton On The Water

Bourton on the Water is potentially one of the most picturesque spots in the UK. But if you’re headed there with the kids, they probably aren’t going to settle for the scenery and will want something else to entertain them.

That’s where the Dragonfly Maze comes in. This is a new maze having only opened at the beginning of 2022 and is perfect for challenging little minds. It’s filled with clues that help them get to the centre where they will find a stunning golden dragonfly!

7 Hever Castle Water Maze – Kent

If you thought the Minotaur Maze was unique, wait until you hear about the water maze at Hever castle in Kent. This is truly a remarkable maze that has to be seen to be believed. But you will need to take a towel and a change of clothes because you will get wet!

The maze is situated on a 16 acre island and is filled with obstacles and booby traps. Step on a tilting stone and get sprayed with water. There aren’t a lot of people that have made it to the central grotto without making at least one mistake that gets them wet!

It’s a brilliant way to cool off on a hot summer’s afternoon and with a ticket price just shy of £14, it’s also brilliant value for money!

8 Noah’s Ark Maze – Somerset

The Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm has a lot of attractions for families including their maze. This maze is made up of over 14,000 trees and is considered to be the longest hedge maze on the entire continent! As you can guess from its name, the maze is designed in the shape of Noah’s Ark. 

I love how interactive the Noah’s Ark maze is with lots to keep little ones entertained for the whole time they’re in there. There’s a nest tower where kids can climb up and even a zip line!

9 Forbidden Corner – Yorkshire

In Tupgill Park in Yorkshire, you will  find one of the most quirky and exciting labyrinths in the country. The maze was actually built for private use back in the 80s but it’s now open to the public as it generated such an air of curiosity. 

Throughout the maze, there are a series of strange statues and bizarrities as well as a challenging tangle of paths. When you’re done exploring, there are places to eat and drink on site so you can kick back and relax.

10 The Traquair Maze – Peeblesshire, Scotland

Our final stop on our tour of the best UK mazes takes us to Scotland where you’ll find the Traquair maze located in Traquair Castle. 

This is the biggest hedge maze in Scotland and has a unique feature which not many other mazes can boast; there are no dead ends. As you explore the maze, you’ll discover four sub centres before finally coming to the heart of the maze. 

The maze is so wonderful that it has featured in numerous tv and film productions so it’s well worth checking out. At Easter, more than 6000 eggs are planted around the maze for one of the largest easter egg hunts in Scotland!


If you’re a fan of the weird and wonderful then a trip to one of the best mazes in the UK is going to peak your interest. There are so many different types of mazes here from water mazes to those made from stone and mazes that provide a wealth of education for kids and adults alike.

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