Best Places To Hide Easter Eggs

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Easter is a time for new beginnings, bunnies, chicks and of course, Easter eggs! I always feel as though spring really comes to life at Easter and it’s a time of year that I love to spend time planning fun activities for my kids. 

It wouldn’t be Easter without an Easter egg hunt so this is something I always include in my list of spring activities and games. But a lot of people have told me that they struggle with ideas on where to hide the eggs. 

It’s important to consider the age and abilities of your child as some will have an easier time locating hidden eggs than others. But I’ve put together this simple guide on some of the best places to hide Easter eggs both around the house and outdoors. Let’s go hunting!

Where To Hide Easter Eggs Indoors

Easter in the UK may be in spring but that doesn’t guarantee good weather. In fact, it’s highly likely that it’ll be raining or a little chilly. But don’t worry, if the games have to come indoors, there’s still plenty of fun places to hide the eggs. 

In The Fridge

The fridge is a great place to hide eggs as it won’t be immediately obvious to your children. Yet it’s not so difficult that they’ll never be able to find them. Even if they don’t find them during the initial Easter egg hunt, they may discover them days later when looking for a snack; what a treat!

Behind Photo Frames

Not only do photo frames provide a great place to hide Easter eggs behind but they’re also a brilliant way to get your kids talking about those special family memories.

Inside Shoes or Slippers

If you’ve got kids then you’ll have a million and one pairs of shoes lying around the house; I know I do! What better place than to slip an egg or two? What’s more, if you’re going to take the hunt outdoors, you can give your child a surprise when they try to put on their shoes only to find a sweet treat inside!

In Drawers And Cupboards

I remember my parents doing an Easter egg hunt for the kids one year and they hid almost all of the eggs in drawers and cupboards around the house. There were coloured stickers and arrows directing them to the right spots and this made it extremely fun. Once the kids are inside the drawers and cupboards, you can make the eggs as easy or as difficult as you like to discover. 

For older kids, perhaps hide them among towels or papers but for toddlers, the simple act of opening a drawer to see an egg will be more than exciting for them. 

Among Your Kids’ Toys

If your kids are anything like mine then they’ll have a staggering amount of toys that take up space in boxes, cupboards, corners and more. What a brilliant place to stash a couple of Easter eggs. It might even get them reacquainted with a long forgotten toy that’ll get a bit more use. 

Teddies on the bed are a wonderful opportunity to involve your child’s toys in the hunt. Pop an egg on their favourite teddy’s lap or perhaps under their hat. You can give your child clues such as ‘why don’t you ask Boris the Bear?’

Inside Pockets

Do you have a coat rack in the hallway? Well then why not make use of this for your Easter egg hunt? You can pop an egg in your child’s coat pocket and when they come to put on their jacket to check outside for more eggs, they’ll have a pleasant surprise. 

Under The Bed

A lot of children are terrified about what’s under the bed so why not put a stop to that fear by hiding some tasty chocolate eggs under there? 

In The Toilet Roll Holder

That little tube inside the toilet roll is the perfect place to stash a few small Easter eggs. It’s a unique spot that not everyone would think of so if you have older children that want a bit more of a challenge then this is a great location. 

In The Fruit Bowl

Out of my four children, I only have one that likes eating fruit by choice. The rest are all about the sweet stuff. So when hiding Easter eggs, the fruit bowl might be a place that they don’t check right away; after all they’re not used to going to it. But a shiny foil wrapper glistening in the light might just get them to look twice!

Inside A Cake

As a grand finale to your Easter egg hunt, you could bake a delicious cake. As you and your children gather around to cut the cake and enjoy a slice or two, out pops a final few eggs. What a wonderful finish to a fun filled day. 

Where To Hide Easter Eggs Outdoors

If you’re lucky enough to have a pleasant, sunny day for Easter Sunday then it’s a great opportunity to get your kids exploring outdoors. And if you’ve got a garden, there’s lots of secret hideouts for those eggs. 

In Plant Pots

Plant pots are a great place to hide Easter eggs as they’ll be undercover but easy for little ones to spot. You could even get creative and make little scenes in the soil including small toy animals, fairies and other characters. 

In The Patio Furniture

If you have patio furniture with cushions then this is a brilliant spot to hide Easter eggs. Pop them behind cushions or maybe scatter a few in a central bowl on the outdoor garden table. If you have a firepit (that’s cooled down completely) you might put a couple of eggs inside. 

In Long Grass

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of skipping the lawn mowing from time to time so if the grass has gotten a little too long then put it to good use. This almost has a magical feel to it as it seems as though the Easter bunny has hopped along and dropped a few eggs from his basket. You could even leave some little paw prints. 

In A Bicycle Basket

If your child’s bike is sitting neatly in the garden and it has a basket on the front, this is the perfect place to hide an egg or two. Even if there’s no basket, you could rest an egg on the handlebars or pop one inside their cycle helmet. 

On The Fence

You know those supporting pieces of wood that run horizontally along the fence? Well, they can act as a little shelf for your Easter egg hunt. It’s best if you do this along fences that are adorned with ornaments or plantlife as this will give a bit more cover and make the egg less obvious. 

Among The Gnomes

Got a community of garden gnomes in your backyard? Don’t leave them out of the fun; they’ll be the perfect protectors of your Easter eggs and it’s a brilliant opportunity to make a cute scene.

In The Downspout

The very bottom of the downspout is a great spot to put an egg. Make sure you choose an egg with brightly coloured wrapping as this spot won’t be immediately obvious to your child and the bright colour will catch their eye as they walk past.

Final Thoughts

Easter is such a fun time of year and it gives families the opportunity to engage in fun games and activities. If you’re setting up an Easter egg hunt for your little ones then it can be challenging to think of some excellent hiding spots. The ideas on this list provide you with some creative and fun places to hide those eggs and hey, I wouldn’t judge you if you let them kids go hunting while you enjoyed a tasty egg in peace!

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