Digital Baby Monitors: Are they Safe?

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Children may be more vulnerable from exposure to any form of electro magnetic energy, such as that generated by mobile telephones and to a degree baby monitors. This is because of their developing nervous systems, so there is a greater absorption of energy in their tissue and also a longer lifetime of exposure.

There has been some discussion regarding the safety of digital baby monitors, which use digital communication in their link between the mobile station and the base station.

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications

Philips is one example of a company that uses the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) standard for baby monitors. The company states that this technology eliminates interference from other wireless equipment and ensures privacy.

Digital technology, due to its ‘pulsed’ nature, appears to be more harmful at lower levels of power than the older analogue technology, which is potentially more prone to interference but creates a more ‘even’ output without spikes.

Philips, in its documentation, states that the radiation/emission of its DECT baby monitors is not dangerous to children: “The level of electro-smog is 10,000 times lower than internationally accepted safety norms. For total peace-of-mind, we recommend placing the baby monitor at least one metre away from the baby.”

Distance of the Transmitter from your Baby

When your Baby Is Sleeping, the distance from a transmitter is important, since the power drops off the further your baby is from the device. So if you double the distance of any baby monitor or transmitter from your baby, the level of electromagnetic radiation will be reduced by a factor of 4.

If you are concerned about the safety of your digital baby monitor, consider the following:

  1. Keep any baby monitor as far from your baby as possible (at least 1 metre).
  2. Remember that doubling the distance reduces the Electromagnetic radiation by a factor of 4.

So What is Electro-SMOG

Electro-SMOG refers to the level of man-made electro magnetic energy (EME) that comes from the gadgets in our homes. Items that produce Electro-SMOG include mobile phones, microwaves, computers and televisions.

People who consider Electro-SMOG to be a problem say that constant exposure to this energy can result in headaches, irritability, sleeplessness, fatigue or even more serious health problems. Although there is little we can do to avoid this in our general environment due to mobile phone masts and so on, we can reduce the levels in our homes to a degree.

The number one material that amplifies EME is metal. It therefore stands to reason that the use of metal in decorating should be kept to a minimum. Choose other materials for furniture, window coverings, appliance fronts or other surfaces.

Removing computers and televisions from our children’s bedrooms will reduce the level of EME. Even wooden hangers are considered preferable to metal ones.

It might well be considered that EME from baby monitors and Electro-SMOG generated by low output devices (not mobile phones!) are not issues to become massively concerned about. However, removing electrical equipment from your baby’s environment wherever possible makes good sense. Where this is not possible maximise the distance between the equipment and your baby.

An Experiment?

At home, you could try the following experiment to see if Electro-SMOG is affecting your family. At night, before your family goes to bed, unplug all of these items you may have in your home – your television, computer, cordless phone base station, wireless computer system, and any baby monitors. See if this makes any difference to everyone’s sleep, how you feel in the morning on awakening, and note whether you and your children seem calmer.

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