Child Cycle Safety: Rob Hayles Appeals

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Rob Hayles, silver medallist in the 1km time trial at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne is appealing to parents to ensure their kids have fun and stay safe when cycling during the holidays.

Cycle riding is great exercise and makes for a fun day out but cycling competence and even bicycles can get rusty over the winter time, putting children in danger when they’re back out riding.

In 2004, 577 child cyclists were killed or seriously injured on our roads. Olympic and commonwealth medallist, Rob Hayles said:

“If you’re worried about your child’s confidence, check to see if their school runs any cycle training courses or contact your local road safety officer. Try to make sure your child wears a cycle helmet every time they ride their bike – it could save their life& a well maintained bike is just as important. Check tyres, brakes and lights and make sure the bike is right for their height. If a bike is too big or too small, it can affect the child’s balance. If you’re unsure, ask for advice at your local bike shop.”

Transport Minister Derek Twigg said:

“Cycling is an environmentally friendly, healthy and fun way to travel and offers children and teenagers the independence of travelling under their own steam. Parents though should ensure their child is confident on the road, always wears a helmet and that their bicycle is suitable and well maintained.”

For further information on keeping children safe on their bikes, please see our article Cycle Safety for Children and watch our video on Bicycle Safety Checks.

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