Make a Fantastic Fairy Costume

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Most little girls love to dress up as a magical fairy. For this, they need a pretty costume for parties or dressing up marathons at home. The outfits are plentiful in the shops but helping to make their own outfit is a fun way to spend time with parents and let kids’ imaginations run wild.

A Simple Tutu

Every good dressing up basket has a tutu. This is fun and easy to craft, using a simple length of material, elastic or ribbon which is cut to fit the young fairy’s waist.

If you are using elastic or material as the waistband, some simple stitching is required to bind the tutu together. A ribbon can be stitched in the same way, but it’s a lovely feature to leave a length of ribbon free with which to tie a pretty bow when the skirt is worn.

Now all you need is the fabric to create the main skirts of the tutu. The fabric should be cut into plenty of strips. The strips are going to be attached to the waistband by being doubled over, so they will need to be twice the measurements of the desired length of the finished tutu.

The easiest idea is to use net curtains. The fabric used in netting is stiff enough to give a good shape to the finished tutu and is very economical to buy. For a more ‘fancy’ look, different colours or shades of tulle can be used, although this fabric is a little more expensive. The net strips could even be interspersed with lengths of an interesting material like satin.

Each strip is doubled over and then attached by a simple looping process onto the waistband. Build up the strips until the desired effect is achieved.

Fairy Wings

A fairy isn’t a fairy without wings of course. There is a simple answer to wings that steers you away from the necessity of spending hours wrangling with wire coat hangers and old stockings. Use a rectangle of floaty, chiffon – type fabric which is large enough to extend from wrist to wrist of the young fairy when her arms are outstretched. The fabric will ideally extend from the nape of the neck down to the waist.

Kids love the chance to get to work on their new wings with fabric pens, stick on gems and glitter glue. Encourage lots of creativity- there’s no room for less is more here! Now the wings are attached to a plain white or sparkly T-shirt at the back of the neckline and the two wrists. The wings drape beautifully when arms are down and spread in a breathtaking span when the arms are extended.

Finish the top half of the outfit by decorating the T-shirt with the same craft materials used on the wings.

The outfit is completed with pretty ballet pumps and simple tights- look out for sparkly or patterned designs.

Crowning Glory

To be queen of the fairies, every little girl needs a crown or a tiara. Start with a simple cardboard strip, cut to the right dimensions for the head. Now cover the band with silver foil and decorate with stick on gems.

The final flourish is the intricate frame of the tiara, use pipe cleaners which have been covered with silver foil and then bent into interesting shapes- perhaps swirls, hearts or flower shapes. Attach the scroll-work to the band of the tiara and you have completed your beautiful fairy crown. The finished item can be further decorated with strings of beads or charms.

A Magic Wand

Take a piece of dowelling and coat in PVA clue before wrapping a spiral of satin ribbon around the shaft of the wand, to match the main fairy outfit, perhaps. Now draw a triangle on a piece of card and invert the template you used over the outline to create a star shape. Draw and cut out two star shapes. Decorating the stars with glitter sparkles and colour is something for the novice fairy to go to town on. Now secure the two stars at the top of the wand together so they make a complete 3D star. You could even add curls of metallic florists’ ribbon to add extra magical dazzle.

All that’s left is to stand back and admire a sparkling, perfectly unique fairy. A bit of magic was created with the outfit and the time you spent with your kids crafting the whole look together.

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