Making a Princess Costume

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The shops are packed with rail after rail of princess outfits. It’s a costume most little girls love to wear. The very best costumes however, are undoubtedly homemade, amazing outfits which have been personally designed by the little princess and lavished with time and effort. The outfits can be as simple or sparkly as they like.

They are easy to make with basic crafts and materials you are likely to have in your craft cupboard.

Start With the Gown

This is the base of the costume. There are a few different options. You could use a readymade dress. Often, the most effective are little nightdresses that are already fairly decorative. Alternatively, a rectangular piece of fabric can be used. Make sure you cut it to the right length so that once it is doubled over, the hem is long enough for a princess but not so long that Her Royal Highness trips over. Try to pick fabric that shimmers or looks like expensive satin. If the fabric is plain, it can easily be refurbished with fabric pens, sequins and glue to add plenty of colour and sparkly gemstones.

All you have to do is cut a central hole at the fold of the fabric to make a neckline for the royal head. For extra luxury, thread ribbon through the top of a short net curtain. This is tied around the waist, into a bow to create a fabulous overskirt.

Now Add a Cloak…

This is a simple garment to add if you use an old net or fabric curtain. Readymade curtains already have heading tape which can be gathered to fit, or means by which you can thread through a length of ribbon to fasten the cloak. Once you have the basic design in place, little princesses can go to work with PVA glue and sparkly shapes or even trimmings of faux fur.

Top it with a Hat…

No princess would leave her castle without her hat. The simplest princess hat is made from a piece of stiff card in a background colour that matches the rest of the outfit. First measure the royal head and twist the paper into a tall cone shape. Now fasten from the inside with sticky tape. There should be enough space at the top of the hat to poke through a wisp of voile or chiffon for an authentic look. Once the hat has been constructed, it’s time to got to town with the adornments, all pasted to the crown with PVA glue. Try things like gems, feathers or shapes cut from card and covered in foil. If the princess is set on a tiara instead, try adapting a simple Alice band with ribbon to cover and brightly coloured pipe cleaner to create scrolls and curlicues.

The Finishing Touches….

Complete the homemade outfit with princess accessories. Try decorating a simple pair of white plimsolls with colour and sparkle. For jewellery to impress, set the young artist to work with yarn and a selection of beads to make necklaces, bracelets and simple loops for ears. They may even like to use pasta, sprayed gold or silver for a chunkier look.

Princess costumes are such pretty ways to dress up and they are thousand times more meaningful and impressive when they are all the princess’s own craft work.

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