Jewellery Crafts for Kids

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Children always love dressing up. It can be even more fun if they make their own jewellery with some easy kids crafts. Costume jewellery doesn’t have to be costly. All you need is lots of imagination and a little know-how.

Easy Beads

Making jewellery with beads is one of the easiest kids crafts and even the youngest child will be able to produce fantastic necklaces and bracelets.

Shops selling items for kids crafts are full of bead collections for make-your-own-jewellery. They are available in an astonishingly wide selection of shapes, colours and designs. Choose wisely, some beads are fatter with larger threading holes for really small fingers.

You could make the project you are working on even cheaper. If you have any old jewellery languishing at the bottom of a jewellery box, they are ideal for recycling.

To thread, you will need fine wool, string, purpose-made nylon thread or ribbon. For most designs, a simple knot will be enough to secure your string of beads. However, for more intricate designs, you can buy catches and fastenings at many craft stores.

Perfect Pasta

Pasta is not just for eating, it makes great jewellery too! Kids can either stick to one shape or mix and match to make some very interesting pieces. Children will really enjoy colouring the pasta, try gold or silver paint for an expensive look. They could coat the pasta in PVA and roll it through glitter for extra sparkle.

Pasta jewellery is a very good choice for young children as it’s much easier to thread.

Snazzy Brooches

Brooches are made by cutting simple shapes from stiff card. Kids can paint or colour the shapes and adorn them with stick-on ‘gems’. To attach the brooches, simply fasten a large safety pin with tape to the back of the brooch. Please remember that safety pins are not suitable for younger children. Kids crafts need to be safe and age appropriate at all times.

Also, make a brooch with snazzy buttons. If they have a large loop at the back, they can easily be adapted using a safety pin. You could make a matching necklace using the same buttons. Buttons are often very intricate and are an impressive base for some wonderful costume jewellery.

Easy Earrings

Earrings are really popular with young princesses. To make your own earrings use a small loop of thread with pretty beads. The new trinkets can then be firmly secured and hung over the top of the ear.

Play Dough Jewellery

Another wonderful option is to make jewellery with play dough. Use a simple recipe to make the play dough.

Combine 2 tsps cream of tartar, 1 cup plain flour, ½ cup of salt, 1 tbsp oil, 1 cup of water, a few drops of food colouring. Gently heat the mixture until it comes together cleanly. Allow to cool and remove from the pan (make sure you clean the pan straight away) Knead the dough and it’s ready to use.

Play dough makes good, chunky beads for necklaces and bracelets, earrings or brooches. Remember to pierce the dough with a pencil so you have a good-sized hole for threading.

Now you are ready to bake your play dough on a low heat until it has hardened. When cool, kids paint their new jewellery with colourful poster paints and glitter. To preserve the jewellery for longer, finish with a thin layer of clear varnish.

Kids will love making their own treasures. With some fun kids crafts, they can produce the most outlandish designs. Created at a fraction of the price of anything in the shops, they are a million times more valuable.

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