Video: Choosing the Right Trampoline

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Hi my name’s Vanessa Stratton from Kids Corner, based just outside of Chester, and on behalf of we’re going to advise you on how to buy the correct trampoline for your family and yourself.

There are various sizes of trampolines on the market and we have on display the 10ft, 12ft and 14ft sizes. There are many different makes of trampolines on the market. We only deal with the best quality trampolines for the simple reasons that if you are buying something for your child’s safety you want quality.

When purchasing your trampoline for your family I would advise that you buy a good quality trampoline with guarantees to back it up..

Charlie’s bouncing on the 10ft trampoline now this is the only 10ft trampoline on the market that is low to the ground, which is great if you have small children, and also the 10ft size is obviously very useful if you have a small garden or you are limited with space.

The 12ft size trampoline, which is this one here, is the trampoline with the best bounce. The bigger the trampoline, the slower the bounce. So the 12ft trampoline is the best bounce trampoline on the market.

The 14ft trampoline is a big trampoline and you do have to have a big garden. There’s no point in having a trampoline that swamps the whole of your garden and you can’t do any other activities in your garden.

The issue of multiple uses on a trampoline is quite contentious. If you have brought a decent quality round trampoline, there is no reason why they cannot be used for multiple uses. For example, Sam and Charlie are bouncing on an Active trampoline with a maximum single user weight of 18 stone, and Supertramp does advocate multiple uses on good round solid trampolines.

Again, Sam and Charlie are on the trampoline together on a 14ft Excel trampoline. The reason why the Excel trampoline is the most expensive trampoline on the market is the fact that its quality is second to none. The springs are galvanised, which gives the extra security of the bounce, and the padding is coated in a smooth finish which is 30mm thick.

For more information on Trampoline Safety read our article on this site.

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