Video: Fitting a Rear-Facing Car Seat

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Lisa Scott, the Road Safety Officer for Halton Council, and I’m here today with to show you how to fit a rearward-facing car seat.

The first thing that we do when fitting a rearward-facing car seat is to put the car seat into the car and then feed the seat belt out of car and plug it in, all the time holding the seat belt so that it won’t spring back into the car.

We then root the car seat belt around the car seat, which can be quite difficult, and then clip it into place.

All the time we are following the instructions that are printed on the side, and we are following the rooting instructions that are provided on the seat itself.

Checking that the seat belt is pulled tight and that the lap belt is pulled tight across the front of the car seat, making sure there are no twists in it, no gaps and making sure that the shoulder part of the seat belt is straight and not twisted.

If you have a Forward-Facing Car Seat, watch our video on this site to see how to fit it properly.

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