Video: Choosing the Right Climbing Frame

  • By: The DIG for Kids
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Hi, my name’s Vanessa Stratton from Kids Corner, based just outside of Chester, and on behalf of, we’re going to advise you on purchasing the right climbing frame for your garden.

Quality is of paramount importance and this wooden climbing frame is one of our best sellers because it’s very solid and it gives your children an enormous amount of fun.

There’s two big platforms for their imagination and a great swing on with swinging accessories.

Quality is very, very important when buying a climbing frame and also when building it, and please make sure that you know that the person that is building it knows exactly what he is doing.

When choosing a climbing frame, it’s very much a personal choice and you have to take into consideration the size of your own garden, and of course your budget. But all I would say, and please bear in mind, that you buy quality products which will last a lifetime and you will have the aftercare sales service.

For more information on climbing frames, see our article on Climbing Frame Safety on this site.

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