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Video Transcript

My name is Louise Shannon and I’m from Halton Borough Council’s Road Safety team, and today I’m going to be talking about cycle helmets for

The first thing about your cycle helmet is you need to get one from a reputable source so you can try it on before you buy to make sure that it is the right size.

Make sure you check inside for any relevant Safety Marks. If you’re not too sure, go to your local bike shop where they will give you any advice you need. Once you have found one that is the right size for your age, for the size of your head, now check to wear it properly. An ill-fitted helmet is just as bad as not wearing a helmet at all.

I’m now going to show you how to fit your helmet OK. The first thing you need to do is to check that your straps are not twisted, that they aren’t dangling and are not caught up into anything. Loosen your dial at the back – this may be a strap on certain helmets – loosen it to as loose it can go.

Put your helmet on your head making sure that you position it correctly. If it’s too far back, the vulnerable part of your head is exposed and the same if you have it too far forward. Make sure that you are protecting all the vulnerable parts of your head, checking that the straps aren’t twisted; hold your helmet firmly on your head. There is a dial at the back where you need to twist and adjust until the helmet is tight. There should be no movement of the helmet on your head.

Checking that your straps are hanging untwisted, you need to form a triangle. The adjusted clips should come just below the ear. This prevents any movement from the head and the straps. Make sure you do the same on both sides, pulling it right the way up to the ear so it is a snug fit.

When you are happy with that, you need to then clip your helmet together, being careful not to pinch the skin underneath your chin. Once in place you should be able to place a finger underneath so you’re not restricting any airways. You should be able to move quite comfortably without any restrictions.

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