Video: How to Find a Safe Place to Cross a Road

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Kerry Ranson and this is Elaine Andrews, and we work for Halton Borough Council Road Safety Unit. We are filming today on behalf of at Moorfield Primary School, and we are teaching pedestrian training and it is called ‘Stepping Out’ and it has three basic pedestrian training skills.

The first Skill that we are teaching is ‘How to find a safe place to cross’.

Right children, how to find a safe place to cross – so where should we go to find a safe place to cross? So should we walk just a little bit further? Why do you think it is safe to cross here? It is really wide at the end of the junction, it is called a junction this.

I would say this is a crossroads – it is really wide at the end – and also we have got something behind us. What have we got here? We have got a driveway haven’t we, so it isn’t safe if we cross here at the driveway, is it? Because we might get cars coming in and out. And we have also got the parked car blocking our view.

Let’s just move along just a little bit. So we will stop here and as we are crossing the road we stop, look, listen and think. We are going to step back now because we have got a rather large coach coming round.

We will come to the edge of the pavement so we won’t have any toes on the edge will we? So we stop and look all around, looking for traffic, aren’t we? Then we listen for traffic because we can’t always see what’s coming, can we? So we listen and then we think ‘is it safe to cross?’ so we are looking in all directions. So it is safe to cross? So we walk straight over to the other side, we don’t run because it is easy to trip if we run.

So let’s walk over to the over side, looking and listening as we go.

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