Video: How to Cross Safely at Parked Cars

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Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Kerry Ranson and this is Elaine Andrews. We work for Halton Borough Council Road Safety Unit and we are filming today on behalf of, and we are teaching the second section of stepping out which is ‘How to Cross Safely at Parked Cars’.

Right children, how to park safely at parked cars. Lots of streets have lots of parked cars, don’t they? Right, so how to cross at parked cars safely!

First of all we have stopped on the pavement. What are we going to do first? We are going to check that we haven’t got a driver because we don’t want to get out there and get squashed in the middle, do we? So we check we haven’t got drivers in each car and they are not about to move, and we haven’t got any engine noise.

So let’s just wait for this coach to drive past, so we are not going to do anything yet. Just let it drive past, just let the coach go. Right, so we have stopped on the pavement first, so we check we haven’t got any drivers.

OK, so what we are going to do then is come up to the edge of the car, and we are going to stop again and we are going to look and listen, and we are not going to lean out too far are we? So there is nothing coming now, so is it safe to go? Yes, OK, off we go!

So there are two stops there. We stop on the pavement first and we do our stop, look, listen and think, and then we come to the edge of the car, we stop again and have a good look round for traffic, and we walk to the other side looking and listening all the time as we go.

And that is how you cross between parked cars. There are two stops and that is how to do it safely.

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