Video: Fitting a Forward-Facing Car Seat

  • By: The DIG for Kids
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Video Transcripts

Hi, I’m Lisa Scott, the Road Safety Officer for Halton Council. I’m here today to show you how to fit a forward-facing car seat.

This is a stage one seat. If you position the seat onto the car seat, with this particular model the actual frame stays on the seat. The seat tips forwards and is clipped into place using the bar.

The seat belt is threaded through the back of the seat and clipped into place. The lap part of the seat belt is threaded through the guides and the tension is taken out using the diagonal shoulder part of the seat belt, and threaded through the red guides again and clipped into place once again taking out all of the slack.

On this particular model the bar is then removed and the seat clicks into place. If you notice the buckle is well away from the car seat, so there is no buckle crunch on the seat itself and is not impacting onto the seat.

If you have a Rear-Facing Car Seat, watch our video on this site to see how to fit it properly.

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