Video: CPR on a Child Aged One to Puberty

  • By: The DIG for Kids
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We produced this short video in association with St John Ambulance to clarify the information provided in our articles about CPR. The video is free to watch – simply click the play button above.

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Video Transcript

My name is Moya Travis and I am a first aid trainer with St John Ambulance. Today I am working with and we are going to show you how to resuscitate a child. A child is from the age of one to puberty.

On approaching the situation I am going to check to see if there is any danger. Why is this little person where he is? What has he been up to? And also checking to make sure that I am safe to deal with him.

If the area is safe, the next thing I am going to do is check for response. I am going to speak to him:

“Hello, can you hear me? Can you hear me? Open your eyes. I want you to open your eyes for me?”

If he doesn’t respond to that, then what I will do is pinch his ear lobe to see if I can get some response from him. If there’s no response, the next thing I will do is put my hand on the forehead and gently tilt the head back, look inside the mouth. I’m looking for vomit, food or maybe an object.

If there is anything in there, I will pick it out. If there is nothing there, I will put two fingers under the bony part of the jaw and tilt the head back.

Now I am going to check for breathing. I am going to place my face near his so I can feel the breathing, and hear it coming down the nose, and I am looking across the chest to see if the chest is rising and falling. This check should take no longer than 10 seconds.

If the child isn’t breathing, then what we have got to do is breathe for the child. So I place one hand on his forehead, press the nostrils with one finger and thumb, tilt the head well back and now I am going to seal my mouth round his and I am going to blow five times.

Once I have done the breaths, I am going to locate my hand in the centre of his chest. Using the heal of the hand in the centre of the breastbone, keeping the fingers well raised, I am going to press down 30 times.

Now I am going to do two breaths again.

And again, go back to 30 chest compressions.

If the child hasn’t made any signs of recovery, because I am on my own I would have to take the child with me to the telephone. So taking him up in my arms, ensuring that the head is well back, I will go to dial 999.

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